How Becoming a Vegetarian Has Changed My Life for The Better

Almost three months ago, I felt a conviction over my heart to stop eating meat due to not wanting to have health problems later on in life. For most of my life, I have consumed meat and thought that it was perfectly normally to eat every meal with some type

Should Individuals Continue Working in A Career Field They Have No Passion for and Despise?

In this day and age, it is very common for many individuals to seek employment in career fields where they know they will not enjoy doing their daily job objectives or dealing with the stress or drama that comes with working for a certain company. There are individuals who have

Does Waiting on God Mean to Take Action Within Your Life Or Wait for an Opportunity to Fall Out of the Sky?

Many Christians are taught that being patient is the key to having a meaningful life and to allow God the opportunity to place you in situations that will be beneficial to you in the long run. Spiritual leaders and pastors all across the world tell believers to wait on God,

Does the Law of Attraction Influence People to Have a Positive Outlook on Life?

The Law of Attraction allows individuals to make the decision to attract certain situations and various types of people to come into their life based on their outlook on life. Many people may not be aware that the positive or negative energy that they are surrounding themselves around on a

Is The Evolution Theory Persuading People to Believe That God Does Not Exist?

The evolution theory was first introduced to the public by Charles Darwin, a famous biologist who wrote a book entitled On the Origins of Species in 1859. In Origins of Species, Darwin discusses how human beings possess some of the same physical and behavioral characteristics as apes. There has a

Does the Millennial Generation Have Poor Standards When It Comes to Dating and Relationships?

The millennial generation is filled with individuals who was born during the 1980’s to 2000 and grew up around the time when media platforms and various technological devices were first introduced to the public. Many people have made complaints about millennials being lazy and having no standards whatsoever when it

Are People Overly Judging Artists Who Create Non-Chrisitian Music As Being Hypocrites If They Make the Choice to Sing Gospel Songs?

In our entertainment industry today its very common for Non-Christian artists who tend to make music that is considered to be secular because it is not referencing God anywhere in their songs to choose to have gospel songs somewhere on their album. Many fans of Non-Christians artists may not really

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