Is it Wise to Compromise Your Beliefs to Be Accepted by Society?

Many people are changing their belief system to fit in with individuals they view as being trendy and popular. Society has made it acceptable for individuals to not be themselves and to form an alter ego that eventually transforms a person physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Over time an individual should

Why is It Necessary for Individuals to Have an Accountability Partner in Their Life?

An accountability partner could be a friend that an individual has who will help them through various stages in their life and encourage them to surround themselves with positivity. There is a special type of person who can play the role as an accountability partner because they more than likely

The Red Flags That People Tend to Ignore While Being in a Romantic Relationship

Every individual has had their fair share of relationships that were bound for disaster because they may have ignored the red flags that was constantly showing up during different encounters they had with the person  they chose to get in a serious relationship with. The only way to truly understand

Are Millennials Having a Difficult Time Obtaining a Job with Major Corporations?

Major corporations do not like to hire young individuals due to the fact they do not have enough work experience, lack of professionalism, and do not have enough interpersonal communication skills. I know that many college students are getting prepared to graduate and believe that they will easily land a

God Send Me My Husband Book Review

God, Send Me My Husband written by Sherylynne L. Rochester is about a woman who has become impatient and depressed during her season of singleness and is determined that if God does not send her husband by a certain deadline she will take matters unto her own hands. This book represents

Is It Really Necessary for Christians to Wear a Purity Ring to Remind Them to Not Participate in Sexual Activity?

In the Christian community it is very common for many individuals to assume that they have to wear a purity ring to remind themselves to not be tempted into participating in sexual activity. A purity ring signifies that a person pledges to remain celibate until they get married. In my

Is it Wise to Share Your Relationship Drama with Your Family and Friends?

Sharing our relationship drama with our family and friends may seem as if it is the most normal thing to do because you want to be able to vent to someone about the frustrations you have with the person you are in a relationship with. It may seem as if

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