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God Send Me My Husband Book Review

God, Send Me My Husband written by Sherylynne L. Rochester is about a woman who has become impatient and depressed during her season of singleness and is determined that if God does not send her husband by a certain deadline she will take matters unto her own hands. This book represents

Can You Truly Be Saved, Sexy, and Single?

Almost two years ago, I had just gotten out of a bad relationship where I felt I was going down a destructive path by not honoring God and holding myself accountable for the actions I allowed myself to participate in. I was broken, confused, and felt very insecure about myself.

How I’m 30, I’m Single and I Don’t Care Changed My Perspective on Being Single

Recently, I purchased a book on Amazon called I’m 30, I’m Single, and I Don’t Care by Juliette Bush. I enjoy reading novels about how to be content with being single and how to grow closer to God. In the American culture, when a woman turns a certain age it

How The Wait Changed My Life

The Wait by Devon and Megan Good Franklin is a book about how people should consider being celibate and realize the only way they can discover their purpose in life is to renew their relationship with God. I grew up in a home where I was taught that going to

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