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Your Dream, God’s Plan is a True Definition of How to be Inspired to Do Whatever God Has Set For You To Accomplish In Life

Tiffany Smiling’s book, “Your Dream, God’s Plan” is about how believers in God should put aside their worldly desires to seek a life that is selfless and working to help people who are in need in hearing and seeing God work in their life for the better. There are so

God Send Me My Husband Book Review

God, Send Me My Husband written by Sherylynne L. Rochester is about a woman who has become impatient and depressed during her season of singleness and is determined that if God does not send her husband by a certain deadline she will take matters unto her own hands. This book represents

Can You Truly Be Saved, Sexy, and Single?

Almost two years ago, I had just gotten out of a bad relationship where I felt I was going down a destructive path by not honoring God and holding myself accountable for the actions I allowed myself to participate in. I was broken, confused, and felt very insecure about myself.

How I’m 30, I’m Single and I Don’t Care Changed My Perspective on Being Single

Recently, I purchased a book on Amazon called I’m 30, I’m Single, and I Don’t Care by Juliette Bush. I enjoy reading novels about how to be content with being single and how to grow closer to God. In the American culture, when a woman turns a certain age it

How The Wait Changed My Life

The Wait by Devon and Megan Good Franklin is a book about how people should consider being celibate and realize the only way they can discover their purpose in life is to renew their relationship with God. I grew up in a home where I was taught that going to

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