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Do You Have to Attend Church on a Weekly Basis to Have a Spiritual Relationship with God?

Within the Christian community there are many individuals who believe that the only way that a person can have an effective spiritual relationship with God is to attend church on the weekly basis. Everyone who consider themselves to be a Christian might not want to attend church on a regular

My Personal Conviction of Choosing to Stop Wearing Revealing Clothing

I grew up in a household where my mother made sure that my sister and I dressed and acted in a conservative manner. My mother raised me to always hold myself accountable for the actions I choose to make and to always act sophisticated and classy. I always thought my

What Does Stepping Out on Faith Really Mean?

Stepping out of faith can be interpreted in a variety of ways because many people might view it as a way for an individual to fully trust God and to not question his authority over their life. It can be difficult at times to just allow God to be the

Can Praying Help You Discover Your Purpose in Life?

One of the most essential aspect of being a Christian is having a personal relationship with God through prayer. Prayer can be the time that you spend with God by asking him to give you discernment over your life on what decisions you should make in the near future. Many

Are People Afraid of Marriage Because They Do Not Want to Submit to Their Spouse?

Marriage is a serious commitment that many people might not be fully ready to pledge their love and honor their significant other for the rest of their life. Most people view marriage as slavery because they feel as though their freedom is taken away from them the minute after the

Do Individuals Seek to Have a Romantic Partner Who Has Similar Behavioral Traits As Their Parents?

Whether individuals realize it or not, they will seek to have a romantic relationship with someone who possesses the same behavioral traits as their parents. Parents play a significant role in their children’s life in a positive and negative manner. There are individuals who will end up getting into a

Why You Should Not Live With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Before Marriage?

In our society today it has become very common for couples to make the decision to live in the same household before making a commitment to get married. Most individuals believe that living with their boyfriend or girlfriend allows the couple to see how their significant other acts on a

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