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Does the Church Avoid Discussing Controversial Topics During Service?

For the past month, my pastor decided to have a panel discussion of topics that the church tends to avoid mentioning in service due to many people having good or bad opinions about it. Many churchgoers do not always get the opportunity to see their pastor discuss issues that they

Are People Limiting Themselves from Being Great in Life Due to Labeling?

Various sociologists have a created a labeling theory where individuals who are categorized to fit in a specific social norm will act in a defiant manner and try to imitate personality traits that are opposite to what society has placed them under. Researchers conduct various research studies, experiments, and surveys

Does Community Service Help Individuals Be More Empathic?

Community service involves projects that residents in various neighborhoods can participate in by taking the time out during days out of the week to volunteer at a non-profit organization. Participating in community service projects gives individuals the opportunity to be a service to people who are in need and do

How Can Individuals Get Over Being Socially Awkward Around Others?

Do you ever feel as though when you are around a large number of people you become claustrophobic, bashful, or timid? You might feel as though everyone around you are social butterflies, but yet you tend to get nervous from trying to find a way to start conversations with people

How To Overcome Being Ashamed of Your Past Mistakes?

Every individual has their own box of skeletons that they might not be willing to share with people they have a close relationship with. There might have been moments a person has gone through in their life that has motivated them to change their behavior and to try to not

Why Should People Not Be Afraid to Be the Underdog in Life?

An underdog can be defined as a person who has no chance of being successful in life and will always be looked over by their peers due to not having certain qualities that their competitors have. Underdogs are always viewed in society as being incapable of being an effective leader

How to Maintain Your Faith in God While Working in a Non-Christian Environment?

There are many Christians who are working in environments where their faith in God is constantly being tested due to having coworkers and managers who are representing behavior that goes against their spiritual beliefs. It may seem as though you may feel left out when your coworkers are having conversations

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