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If God Told You Who Your Husband or Wife is You Are Not Crazy and Here is Why?

You ever get this feeling in the pit of your stomach that you know who your soul mate is, but for some odd reason you keep doubting that you will even be with this person or that maybe you are delusional in thinking that God even told you who your soulmate is. You think about this person constantly and can’t get them out of your head if you tried.

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When you see your soulmate you feel this electric charge within your body and your stomach starts to flutter as if it has butterflies in it. You want to tell everyone you know that you who your soul mate is, but you don’t want to come off as being crazy or just plain stupid for thinking that you have the ability to pinpoint who the person God has destined you be with.

You have to keep this secret to yourself and wait for time to tell and figure out when you two will come together. You may have known this person your whole entire life or just met them literally a second ago. Everyone has a soul mate, but there are some people who know who the person they are suppose to be with before actually meeting them face to face or getting in a relationship. It may be months or years before you even get the opportunity to fall in love with this person.

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In the meantime, it is best to not dwell on the situation because all it will make you do is obsess over the person and you will literally lose your sanity over thinking about someone who does not know you exist in their world. It may be that one person you have confided in with your secret, but please keep this information confidential until you are married to this person and on your honeymoon.

Nothing runs a person off more quickly than saying you are my soul mate when you first meet or start dating them. If you know who your soulmate is start praying for them and that they will get discernment and steps they need to take in their life. Also, pray that you will be molded into the person God needs you to be for your soulmate. Do not get upset that you see your soulmate in a relationship with another person or doing things you would consider inappropriate?

You have not always been saved and given up your fleshly desires to please your heaven father. Some people don’t always see God for who he really is until certain circumstances happening in your life. Your husband or wife to be may be drowning in their sorrows and searching for love and attention all the wrong places. Pray for them and do not give up on them.

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You need to be their secret prayer warrior. There is nothing like a spouse who prays for the other. You may even get dreams about your soul mate and feel a spiritual connection towards them and constantly have intuition on whats going in their life. There is a reason why God has allowed you see who your future spouse is before the time has come for you to meet. Maybe God knows that you are missing piece in their life and you probably have a stronger faith in God than they do and he wants you to pray for them and believe that the trials they are facing right now will not last very long.

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Some people think I might think that praying for your future spouse does nothing but make you look insane for someone you have no clue whether or not you will be with in the future. If God can part the Red Sea, walk on water, and come down to Earth as a human being than anything in this world is possible.

You are not a lunatic if you know who your soul mate is. Keep this information under wraps until you know for sure that this person who you are supposed to be with.



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