Why Should You Spend Every Monday Manifesting New Goals to Set and Achieve For the Week?

Monday is the first day of the new week and should also be the time where people can set new goals for themselves to accomplish. If you don’t know or aware that Monday is considered to be #ManifestMonday. #ManifestMonday is a hashtag that is popular on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This hashtag is getting people excited to start the new week off right by being positive and to set goals for themselves to achieve as the days go by.

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Let’s just be honest here, Mondays set the tone on how your week will look like. If you start off Monday with being negative more than likely you probably will have more bad days to come during the rest of the week and bound to not change your negative attitude. If you start off Monday right by thanking God, writing down goals you want to achieve for the day, putting a smile on your face, and going to work or school with an optimistic spirit then you will definitely be eager to remain confident in yourself and to stay consistent in what you want to achieve during certain days during the week.

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Sometimes it can be hard to get out of a bad mood, but let’s face it not every day or every moment is not going to be smiles and laughter. You will definitely face adversity at times, however you should not allow a bad day to set you up to believe that every day has to be a drag or just not your moment to shine. I love Mondays because it gives me the opportunity to redeem myself and to set goals that will allow me to be productive and to be a guiding light to someone else’s life.

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The definition of Monday, according to Etymology Dictionary is considered the “first day back at work after the weekend, when school and college football games were played”. Monday is the day that any person can get the chance to start over again with going back to work, school, church, and etc. If you didn’t have a good day sometime last week you could definitely use Monday as the time to reflect on what you want to see happen differently the days to follow.

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It’s all about the mindset you have during each day of the week. For instance, If you wake up on Monday and feel optimistic about renewing your relationship with God, the best way is start praying the minute you wake up and just find a way to use your time worshipping him. You shouldn’t wait till Sunday to start glorifying the presence of God, but every single day. Monday equates to saying hello to another week and feeling blessed and honored to be able to see another day go by and being able create goals to push you one step closer to your God-driven purpose you are called to do one day.

You may not like getting up Monday morning and preparing to go to work or school, but if you just take five minutes out of the morning to just be positive then you will definitely will see a change and your day will go as well as the rest of the week. If you didn’t have a good Monday last week, strive to have an excellent one next Monday. It’s never to late to start over. Today is the perfect day to be happy in having a job, having the ability to wake up, have food on your table, have money in your pocket. You are so blessed and are in a better predicament than most people.

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If you so happen to have a bad moment throughout the day, don’t allow a negative situation to influence you to have a bad week, month, year, and so forth. There are too many things you have to accomplish to worry about a bad seed that is trying to grow into something ugly and cause havoc on your life. Stop the bad seed right then and there before it can grow into something more.


Today is your day to shine. If no-one tells you today, you are a winner and on your way to be successful in all areas of your life. You will get that job promotion at work, you will graduate from high school and college, you will become an business owner, you will have a meaningful relationship with God, you will help people who are need of food and shelter.  Be the king or queen God has called you to be. You are the sons and daughters of the most high God, which is Jesus Christ.

Happy Monday!!!

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