Are Gospel or Christian Artists Not Getting the Recognition They Deserve From the Music Industry?

The genre of Christian and gospel music is one of the most empowering and faith-driven style of music that pushes artists that make hit songs in a secular genre to sample a Christian artists piece of work they found very diverse and has helped them throughout their life. Although Christian artists might not always get the recognition they deserve in the music industry they are still changing lives because they a reaching a mass range of people who live in different parts of the globe and need to hear the gospel of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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You would be surprised how many artists in this day and age have sample Christian artists’ songs for songs that you hear every single day our the radio or just on a playlist on Spotify. Grammys, American Music Awards, the Billboard Awards, and etc. all fail to recognize Christian artists at these award shows because maybe they feel as though the tv ratings for the tv network hosting the award show will not be high. Big names in the Christian and gospel genre such as Elevation Worship, Kari Jobe, Mary Mary, Israel Houghton and so many others are building a spiritual legacy that will continue to transcend through so many decades and get people pumped to serve God.

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I guess recognition does not always need to be validated through mankind. I believe each every Christian and gospel artist in the music industry is doing an amazing job because they are doing something that most secular artists probably would want to do, but they want to keep up their image and want to continue to viewed as being a sex symbol. Christian artists have the confidence to allow people to see what God is doing in their life. God lives in all of us and being able to share music with people across the God is phenomenal.

The music industry might make millions of dollars off of Christian artists, but it is okay because as long as these individuals who are praising God through their songs are okay with not always being recognized for their work by man, they know that they have already received recognition from their Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Christian or gospel artists get so much backlash at times for maybe saying too much about their spirituality or nothing at all. There are even journalists such as Wendy Williams who can make negative comments about one of the greatest gospel groups of our time, the Clark Sisters, and then turn around act as if gospel or Christian music is only relevant until a secular artist makes an inspirational song.

Christian music is here to stay and will continue to be bypassed by people and society who do not truly care for spreading the word of God. Think about this for a second, if the genre of gospel and Christian music is so small why is it so effective. Why is it when a person who may not know who God is can listen to a Christian song and they immediately start crying and feel the holy spirit surrounding them. It is all the work of God. You don’t get this feeling when listening to secular music because the devil, Satan, Lucifer, or whatever you want to call him wants to people keep their mind distracted and off of God.

There may be thousands of music samples made by secular artists who are just big fans of Christian artists, but also people are going to be still introduced to who God is. There are plenty of Christian artists who may never get the chance to perform on the Grammys or get an award, however the word of God is going to continue to spread and someone is going to hear a worship song and they are going to give their life to Christ.

They might know who Jesus is, but they know in their heart that he has to be a being of greatness if he is allowing them to hear his message from a song they might never considered listening to if they did not go through a certain situation. Journalists and various social media influencers might make fun of Christian music and artists, but blessings are bond to happen because someone is going to discover a Christian artist’s music and hear the word of God through song. When praises go up the blessings have to come down.

For example, the Clark Sisters, a female gospel group, is #1 on iTunes because Wendy Williams shaded their musical platform on her show a few days ago. You see how God can turn a bad situation to good. Christian music may not be the most popular genre of music, but it is the most live-changing and effective music that can help people through any trial and tribulations they are facing right now in their life.

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