How the Law of Attraction Has Helped Me Have a Positive Mindset and To Look At Life Differently?

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If you haven’t read The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, you are missing out on the opportunity to understand how the law of attraction can help you have a more positive outlook on life and do not put any limitations on your life. The law of attraction, in my opinion was initially a set of Buddhist practices that contain witchcraft and worldly ideology on how to accomplish your goals at a specific time. From Albert Einstein to Bishop TD Jakes have applied the law of attraction to their daily life.


The law of attraction is basically attracting positive or negative energy to come within your life. For instance, if you are constantly thinking negatively about situations occurring in your life, then you are attracting bad things to always occur in your life because you are allowing your mindset to be based around negativity. If you are always complaining or making references to why you don’t have certain things, then you will never have the things you really want because you are putting it out in the universe to not be blessed in certain areas of your life.

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If a person is always saying that they are always broke then they will forever be broke because they are not allowing their circumstances to change for the better. Never say never because the universe does not know the meaning of no and will automatically assume the things you say you don’t want are the things you do want. I made the investment in purchasing the Secret about two months ago and have seen drastic changes happening within my life. One of the first things I decided to do every single day is journal and write the things down in a journal I am going to accomplish in my life.

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By writing all of the things I am going to pursue in the near future and affirming myself that those things are going to happen, I am allowing the Universe as well as God to work in my life and to have faith that the things I want to do and have will be brought to me at the right time. I remember I wrote down I can afford to get a new phone whenever I want in my journal and about a few days later I got a new phone. Remain positive, write down goals you want to achieve, affirm yourself every single day that you are going to achieve the goals you have set for yourself to accomplish. The best way to keep yourself remaining positive throughout the day is to wake up in the morning say a gratitude prayer, meditate for a few minutes, and then write down three goals you will work to accomplish or will like to happen that specific day.

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You start off the day by glorifying God as well  being productive by accomplishing your goals. If you start off the day thinking positive then you will have a good day and you will attract good things to happen to you. Reading the Secret and understanding the law of attraction has allowed me to figure out what my calling is. All the law of attraction is having faith that God will perform miracles in your life. You have to have faith that God will work things out for you. If you are unsure on what the law of attraction is and the principles behind it, please get a copy of The Secret by Rhonda Bryne, you won’t be disappointed.

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I used to think that the law of attraction had nothing to do with Christianity but everything that the law of attraction is about is based around the Bible. Many of you may have heard of a sermon your pastor preached about the law of attraction or how to manifest your vision but did not realize they were talking about the Secret. The most successful people on this Earth have used the principles of the law of attraction to help them accomplish their goals. Nothing in this world is too impossible to achieve. If you can dream it, you can make it your reality.

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