Why I Made the Decision to Drop Out of College?

For the majority of 2017, I was thinking thoroughly about dropping out of college, in my senior year and a few months away from graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice because I felt as though college was not for me anymore. I was forcing myself to go to class each week and was not really putting in any emphasis in completing my assignments or responding to my classmates in the discussion board posts. I was growing tired of being in this mental space where I was just forcing myself to stay in college because it seemed as though it was the right and logical thing for me to do.

All of my life, school was pushed down my throat and I thought that getting a college degree would bring me so much happiness but in actuality it has brought me more stress and misery than actual joy. In February 2017, I accomplished one of my goals of getting an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. At the moment I felt like a rockstar, I was on top of the world, but the thing is about graduating you have to come down off your fantasy and figure it what your next steps are going to be.

I started applying to jobs on assuming that I would get a job quickly. Boy was I wrong, not only did I not get any job offers, but I started to get depressed through the process of applying to various jobs and getting rejected each time. For two years, my college advisor and professors painted this picture to me that getting a job in the criminal justice field was going to be easy and I would enjoy what I was doing because I was going to be a law enforcement official that was going to work hard and diligently to put criminals away as well as help create policies that would change the dynamics of  local, state, and national government agencies.

The thing is about college that most people don’t understand is that what works for someone else may not work for you. I was chasing after a career that I really did not want to be in and wanted it only for monetary value. Don’t ever chase after something for money it will leave you thirsty to get more and you will never be satisfied. As the months passed and no job offers were offered I started to realize that I really did not want to continue being in school to obtain a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice.

I felt as though God was wanting me to let this childhood dream go and to seek out what I am really suppose to do here on Earth. In December 2017, I made the decision to drop out of college and to seek a career that I would love and would drive to stay passionate and inspired. I was surprised that my family was not mad at the fact that I chose to drop out of college, they were actually very supportive. Now when I tell people that I dropped out of college and have decided to become an entrepreneur I get these crazy and confused looks people I know.

It’s funny how critical people can be of individuals who choose to not attend college or drop out. It’s crazy because I used to talk bad about people who was not in school and just working and now I am in the same predicament. I thank God for helping me realizing that college was not for me anymore. College was beneficial in helping me grow in certain areas in my life, but in the academic area I had no motivation to want to learn more about the major I was pursuing. It took me pretty much four years to find out that I was not suppose to be in college, instead I was to become an entrepreneur. God really has a good sense of humor.

Now I am working to build a business that encourages and motivates individuals to be on a mission to accomplish their goals and well as find what their God-given purpose is. Yes I have a college degree, but it does not make me better than anyone else. Do I regret dropping out of college, the answer is no because I was not happy and my mindset throughout my entire college career was surrounded around toxicity. I don’t even use my college degree and it does not make me mad or ashamed that I was not offered in any law enforcement jobs because God has something better for me in the near future.

I am now chasing after a goal that I have always wanted to pursue, but was too afraid to do so because of what others might say or just allowing doubt to interfere with me stepping out on faith and doing something I love and passionate about. College helped me grow more so in my social life than in a classroom setting. I am not ashamed to tell people I am a college dropout because God has shown me what I am suppose to be doing and as long as I am happy with the decisions I have made in life, nothing anyone tells me that is negative will stop me from pursuing my calling.

One day I am going to share my story with millions of people and they will see that you don’t always have to degree to be successful in life.


  1. Amazing.!! Listen dispite what people think about you its only a test and the ambition u got its truly a blessing go for it im your biggest fan and supporter. Love Tony ( cousin tony)

    1. Thank you so much. I been keeping this in for a few months and thought today was the right time for me to share my decision to become a college dropout. I know that God has a bigger plan for me and becoming an entrepreneur is apart of my calling. I appreciate the support. Follow me on FB, Twitter, and Instagram at alliejay105

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