Is There a Need for Female Millennials to Become Spiritual Leaders in Our Society?

Female millennials are gradually becoming more involved in our society by furthering their education to get the job of their dreams as well as learning how to be become leaders who will strive to see more women get the same opportunities as men. In the Christian community, there is a lack of female millennials acting as spiritual leaders within the church setting. Most women that you see are involved in some sort of ministry or have a prominent role as a spiritual leader are much older.

I enjoy hearing sermons from Joyce Meyers, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Priscilla Shier, and etc., but it would be so rewarding to see a female spiritual leader who is in my age range stepping out on faith and becoming a minister that encourages and motivates so many people to serve God. Sooner or later there will be more female millennials who will definitely step out on the scene and show older generations that not all millennials are caught up in pleasing themselves and trying to keep up with pop culture trends.

There are so many millennials who are out serving God and not afraid to express their spirituality. This negative stigma has been formed that all millennials want to do is get on social media all day post pictures, party, and get extremely intoxicated is really getting old and becoming too repetitive for media platforms to say as well as people within the community. It is sad, but true that female ministers are not viewed in the same manner as men, however that should not stop any woman who believes that their purpose is to become a spiritual leader allow anyone to stop them from reaching their destiny.

Female millennials who are active within their church by being involved in a ministry that they are currently serving under can definitely inspire teenage girls and young adult women to have the confidence to have a meaningful relationship with God not just in church, but every single day they are here on this Earth. So many young women are being molded right now to be great leaders within their community one day and it gives me so much hope that the Christian community will expand their doors and allow a new generation to use their spiritual gifts to feed masses of people with the Word of God.

Millennials are continuing to break every stereotype that society as well as older generations has placed on them. Eventually more and more millennials are going to be more involved within the Christian community and it will definitely come as a shock to some individuals who feel as though a person has to be a certain age or a certain place in their life to become a minister.

For more female millennials to become spiritual leaders in their local communities, there needs to be an increasing amount of older women who are willing to act as mentors to younger women who are preparing themselves to preach to a widespread of people one day. There needs to be older women who really want to pass down the torch and not get jealous and start to believe the idea that a young generation of women will take their spots within their church. In God’s eyes there is so much room for everyone to do fulfill their purpose.

Older generations should stop looking at younger generations as their competition. If all human beings are God’s people, then why does mankind separate themselves by age, social class, what type of job position you have, and etc. God has a plan for everyone’s life here on this Earth. It is unfair that some people who are in the ministry are threatened at the idea of church and various ministries becoming modernized over time.

A wave of young women are going to become spiritual leaders whether a lot of people like or not, it is going to happen. Female millennials who will one day become ministers will have to have enough ambition and motivation to not allow anyone to deter them from their destiny. The Christian community needs to have a more open-mind to the fact there should not be an age-requirement in becoming a spiritual leader. Just because you are middle-age or elderly does not mean you are more experienced to become a spiritual leader than an individual who is 15, 18, or 22 years old.

Younger women are the future and will definitely play a significant role in helping the Christian community be more willing to accept millennials as being prominent leaders in a church setting.

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