What is Church Hurt and Why Do So Many Christians Experience It?

There are so many people who refuse to attend church or have a relationship with God because they have personally encountered disrespect from individuals of a specific church. A person who has experienced church hurt might have good intentions to become an active member within their church but maybe a series of events has occurred that has led them to receive so much backlash from people who they initially thought would not criticize their choices or leave them by the waste side when an ugly rumor has been spread about them. Church hurt can affect anyone who attends church and can come in many forms whether emotionally, physically, or mentally.

Some congregations tend to forgo discussing this topic because maybe they feel as though their church does not participate in slandering other members, however there will always be a group of people who are attending a church who feel as though it is there mission to criticize others they do not agree with them having a position within the congregation or just do not like them for their own personal reasons.

It could be situation involving a certain member in a church and instead of the pastor and members of the church gathering around to encourage the individual dealing with a crisis, the church decides to take matters into their own hands and act as if they have the right to state their negative comments towards the person and what they think the person needs to do with their life. Church hurt is real and continues to thrive in many churches and most of the time the person who needs to stop this type of drama is sometimes in agreement with this type of foolishness is the pastor.

If a pastor of a church is allowing their members to bullying another member then they are just as bad as the people starting the conflict. Members of a church will act accordingly to what their pastor will allow them to do. There are some pastors who know that there is a lot of drama occurring within their church, but refuse to address the situation and the individuals who are a part of it. What type of shepherd allows his or her flock to go astray and to be potentially be ambushed by a pack of wolves?

In many instances, church hurt can be very difficult to get over because maybe you want to be able to attend church have the opportunity to fellowship with others, but it can be very uncomfortable to be in a church setting where a big portion of the congregation has a problem with you. Church hurt drives many individuals to make the choice to never return to a specific church or even go as far as to denounce themselves as not being a Christian anymore.

It is sad, but the ugly truth that goes on all of the time within the church community. Church hurt can affect anyone and can manipulate a person to believe that every church is corrupt or is filled with an evil spirit. No one should have to go to church as feel as though at any given moment they are going to be humiliated in front of the entire congregation. I do not see how anyone who enjoys slandering other people within a church setting can call themselves a Christian. Church hurt is definitely not work of the Lord, but the devil. There is no excuse as to why various churches are allowing church hurt to continue to go on. There is a lot of brokenness within some churches and many church members are going out of their way to humiliate individuals they are secretly jealous of because maybe they see something in a particular person they wish they could be.

Experiencing church hurt can take some time to get over, especially if it is from a person at the church you attended with and looked at them as a mentor, mother or father figure, and spiritual leader. Do not allow church hurt to brainwash your mind to believe there are not any good people within a congregation. There are so many church homes where love is at the center of the foundation and you will not have to worry about someone purposely going out of their way to make your church experience as rough and challenging as possible.


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