Why Are Some Spiritual Leaders Against Christians Who Choose to Watch Sermons on TV and Online Instead of Attending Church?

 I am sure that there are quite a few believers in God who might have attended a church service where a pastor spent a consecutive amount of time during their sermon discussing why they are against people who make no attempt to come to church and choose to stay at home to hear the word of God. Some pastors tend to express their opinions about people who stay home and watch services online instead of focusing on if a person is willing to allow our spiritual father to use them no matter what environment they are currently in. There is definitely a stigma in the Christian community that many spiritual leaders have created by saying that Christians need to come to church to hear the word of God.

Pastors or any other spiritual leader has no right to condemn anyone who chooses to not attend church every Sunday. It does not make a person a non-believer because they choose to not attend church services all of the time. It is very ironic to me that many pastors feel as though they have the right to manipulate people in their congregation and make them feel bad if they cannot make church every Sunday. Whether you know it or not, this is a form of spiritual abuse, which is not really discussed often in the Christian community because maybe some individuals do not want to ruffle anyone’s feather or are just too afraid to speak the truth.

Everyone has different convictions regarding their spiritual walk with God. There might be a person who feels a conviction to attend church every Sunday because of the circumstances they are encountering right now in their life. Another person may go to church every now and then, but make a practice of reading the scripture every single day to grow their spiritual relationship with God. I am going to keep saying this until people understand, just because you go to church every single Sunday does not make you a Christian. The devil can sit in the pulpit and learn scripture as well and use it to corrupt your life in a very vulgar and abusive manner.

I find it very disrespectful for pastors to call people who do not go to church, bed-side Christians because they do not come to church all of the time. You do not have to wait to Sunday morning to glorify the presence of God. You can worship God at home, work, anywhere you want to. Maybe some pastors are worried about people who stay at home and watch sermons online and TV because they are concerned about their congregation dwindling down or not have enough people in attendance to help pay for a bill that is long overdue needs to be dealt with.

It is vital for Christians to read the Word of God for themselves and stop waiting to Sunday morning to make attempts to be near God. If you do not go to church on a regular basis and have been labeled a bed-side Christian, that is your prerogative. Do not allow anyone to make you feel bad because of the choices you choose to make. Everyone has a different calling for their life and God might be protecting many of us from joining a church because the Holy Spirit really is not there and the pastor tends to use his/her authority to sabotage their congregation to believe whatever they want them to believe.

Every spiritual leader that tends to have a problem with Christians who choose to stay at home to watch sermons online or on TV might be a corrupt or a very judgmental individual. If you are currently a part of a church where the pastor focus on how many people are in church or people who choose to stay at home for sermons you might need to reconsider why you are a part of this church.

It is nobody’s business why people choose to stay home and watch sermons virtually. You never know what people might be going through and for so many pastors to look their noses down on individuals for choosing to be a “bed-side Chrisitian” shows that they are using their platform to criticize others than trying to be a shepherd to flocks of sheep who are need of being guided in the right direction.


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