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Your Dream, God’s Plan is a True Definition of How to be Inspired to Do Whatever God Has Set For You To Accomplish In Life

Tiffany Smiling’s book, “Your Dream, God’s Plan” is about how believers in God should put aside their worldly desires to seek a life that is selfless and working to help people who are in need in hearing and seeing God work in their life for the better. There are so many people around the world who have no idea that Jesus Christ can save them from their sins. There are countries who are dealing with so much violence and poverty, that many of its citizens have started to believe that there is no hope for them to have any joy within their life. Smiling makes a good point of referring to her personal experience of having a priviledged upbringing and not really realizing that her life was not as horrible as she thought it to be.

Smiling has faced so many challenges in her life from being diagnosed with cancer at a very young age and having to cope with severe amounts of pain while undergoing chemotherapy. What made Tiffany’s story so inspring to read about within this book was that even when doctors told her that she only had a few months to live, her mother and father surrounded her with love and made sure to show her that although doctors have the credibility to say if a person will live or die, God has the last sayso. Tiffany did not allow cancer to take control of her life and made the best out of the situation by going off to college and becoming a franchise owner of Orange Leaf, a popular frozen yogurt franchise here in the United States and eventually traveling around the world helping non-profit organizations build homes orphans.

During Tiffany’s time in college, she felt as though God was telling her to use her platform as a franchise owner to start spreading the gospel to individuals living in developing countries such as Uganda, Haiti, Costa Rica, and various other countries. God has placed a calling on Smiling’s life to help rescue orphans who are need in having food and shelter as well as knowing who God is.

It takes a very courageous person to give up their worldly desires and to live a life that is foreign to them, but in the end is more rewarding because they have chosen to have faith in God and to trust that their life will be filled with so much happiness if they are willing to serve a purpose that is beyond anything they can think of. There are so many children around the world who are homeless and are caring for themselves because maybe their parents have died or a certain circumstance has caused to act as a miniature adult.

How many college students do you know who actually started a business and used their platform to spread the gospel of God, not that many. Society has created this stigma that you have to be a certain age to fulfill God’s purpose, but that is not entirely true. Tiffany was just an ordinary girl who happened to have cancer, went to college, joined a sorority, opened up a yogurt shop in her city of Tulsa Oklahoma, and has traveled the world helping various foundations create homes for children and families who are living in poverty.

Tiffany had big plans to get married one day, find a good job, and have children, but God had other plans for her life that she thought initially was out of the norm. Tiffany chose to be obedient and follow God’s direction for her life. As believers we have to be able to sacrifice our wants and needs to help fulfill God’s big plan for our life. Planning your life out will make you feel as though certain things cannot happen until the first thing on our list occurs. The funny thing about God is he does not care about your plans, because his plans will always be better than yours because he created you to be an individual who will live out their purpose and not settle for something we have made up in our heads that will make us happy maybe for that moment and then we will have to find something else to accomplish on our list that we think will us bring happiness back into our lives.

Stop making the lists and having an agenda and what you think you need to do with your life. God is waiting on you to stop being selfish and allow him to move in your life. Give up your plans and start trying to seek what God plan is for your life.

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