Does College Truly Prepare You to Face Challenges in the Real World?

Many people have created the perception of college being an environment where it will teach them how to become adults and how to deal with a variety of situations they will encounter eventually later down the road in life. College, in my opinion, does not prepare you for the real world, your life choices does. Attending a prestigious institution of higher learning will not be the key to allowing you to figure out what you are supposed to do with the rest of your life. Society has plenty much brainwashed a mass load of people to believe that the only way they can be successful in life is by attending college, which is not entirely true. You can have your college experience planned out from the very first day, however, it does not mean that you will actually enjoy the major you plan or pursuing or be passionate enough to find a job in a specific career field.

Some individuals feel as though college is the answer to all of their problems. Maybe college can lead you to pursuing another career in a different field, but it is not guaranteed that just because you attend does not mean it will prepare for the real world. If you think about it more closely, college is actually a world of its own in a way. Public and private universities offer housing to their students so that they will be able to be in close proximity of being able to attend their classes on time. In the real world, companies do not offer their employees housing programs where they can stay in the same area where their job is located, so why is that college is exception why people should treat four years of their life as it is a big party and have time to waste before getting their feet wet in the real world.

I even thought at one point in my own life that going to college was needed for me so that I could figure out what type of job I want to pursue. I am a few months away from graduating college and I can definitely say from my own experience it really did not teach me anything about how to face the real world whatsoever. When you think of college you automatically envision parties, football games, eating a bunch of junk food, greek life, and of course walking across the stage to shake the dean of your college at graduation.

People can go through various life situations in college, but to say that college helps people find themselves is totally false. You can go to college for two to four years, graduate and still have no clue how to go about life. I believe that in our society that because education is placed on such a high pedestal that some people start to believe that people who went to college have it better off in life than others who haven’t. Lies, lies, and more lies. You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a student loan to figure out who God has called you to be and how to deal with the issues that are occurring in your life.

College can be life-changing, but it is not a necessity that prepares individuals to have the proper tools to deal with the drama of the real-world. So much things you try to learn about in college, but some things cannot be taught in a classroom setting. Yes, it is a good feeling to get a degree, but who is to say that going to college is the number one way to find out to deal with your problems in your life. College is a resource that is utilize to help people to get jobs, however people should take in consideration that everything they do while in college can either help or enable them to continue believing that when they graduate everything will go about smoothly.

Of course college admission counselors are going to make it as though college is the best solution for them because maybe they are young and believe a particular institution of higher learning will guide them down the path to reach success. You can be as smart as a whistle in college, but have no ability to go about your life outside of college with a high level of maturity or responsibility. Many people don’t realize to later on in life that they did not have to attend college to figure out what to do with their life and all they really had to do was have faith in God and allow him to lead you to where you need to go.

College will always be here for anyone who wants to get an education, however, you need to come to realization that do you want to enroll in college to distract yourself for a few years to not worry about your current life issues or are you going to use college to prepare yourself to get a job.


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