What Did the U.S Senate Election Between Doug Jones and Roy Moore Teach Americans?

Normally, on this platform I tend to forgo discussing politics because it can get a little controversial and many people might get offended because of the issues that they believe needs to be fixed within the United States. As a native and resident of the state of Alabama, I experienced history yesterday. Alabama has been struggling for many years to take a Democratic approach to policies that needs to change within the state. Doug Jones, the winner of the Alabama U.S Senate election was one of the attorneys who prosecuted two Klansmen who were responsible for the bombing Sixteenth Street Baptist Church.

Doug Jones has been fighting for civil rights for minorities for many years and his hard work finally paid off yesterday night. I was a little apprehensive at first watching the election polls results on CNN because both candidates were right behind one another in votes. This Alabama election really got the attention of the national press after several women came forwards months beforehand stating that they were sexually abused by Roy Moore many years ago when they were young girls.

The media took notice on this story and started to get America interested in following the events that would led to the December 12th U.S Senate election. I was very surprised to see so many people concerned about the wellbeing of my state, that I felt a sense of pride and joy that the state of Alabama was getting recognized. This election proved to the American people that the minority vote can change the dynamics of how this country is operated. The same anticipation I have for watching the Iron Bowl, was the same energy I felt watching to see who the winner of the election was.

Being that this was my first time ever voting in a local election it was very nerve-wrecking because whatever candidate is picked they will have the opportunity to change certain aspects on the way certain policies are incorporated in various counties here in the state of Alabama. I believe that at times that I have to not get too involved in politics because then I will allow myself to worry too much about who is office. Whoever is picked to become a representative for my state or country, I have to understand that God is in control over everything.

You may not like a certain individual who has been elected to office, but at the end of the day, God has the last say-so. It may seem as if you will lose all hope if a particular politician you do not agree with their rhetoric gets into office, but just know that God is fighting this battle in the spiritual world. People make predictions every day on what they think will happen with the American government system. Humans are given so much power, however do not believe that man has more power than God.

Prayer really does changes things for the better. God heard the prayers of so many Alabama citizens yesterday. The individuals who have been viewed as the voiceless for so long here in my state finally was able to take a stand and show the world that we are no longer going to allow anyone to bully us. The voting turnout was more than I ever could have expected from the state of Alabama. Although, there has been various conspiracies that have been created, the right person was elected to be a Senator for Alabama. This election reminds so much of the biblical story of David and Goliath. This political event has not only change the dynamics of the Alabama government system, but nationally as well.

I commend every Alabama citizen who went out to their voting centers yesterday and voted because many people’s voice was heard and gave new hope to anyone who had doubts about how everything would turn out. Do not allow anyone to make you feel as though voting is not important. Voting is one way for citizens to change the dynamics how their local and national government system is operated. If Alabama can elect a Democrat into office then other states who have experienced controversy can do the same thing it just takes a lot of community involvement and people to stay committed to things changing in their state.

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