Why Is There a Lack of Emotional Connections in Families?

Do you ever feel as though when you are around certain family members that there is a connection that you lack with them and instead of having a strong bond with them it seems as if you tolerate them because they are related to you? If you have never actually formed a relationship with your family members over time you will start to feel uncomfortable around them because you do not know them personally. You can be a member of a very big family and still feel as if you are alone because maybe no one in your family unit has took the initiative to get to know you and to build a bond that allows you to trust and love them.

Being that Christmas is around the corner, I thought it was a perfect time to bring up the topic of families with no emotional connections to one another. Many families only gather together during the holidays, but tend to live their everyday life as if they grew up as an only child and had no relatives to communicate with. It can definitely be even harder to form an emotional connection with a family member who never actually sat down and talk to you by yourself because you really do not trust them because you have no sense of familiarity with them. You see many families do not come together until maybe someone has died, a wedding, or even during a random time when you are out somewhere.

There are some family members who feel as though they are given the right to have a title of being related to you, but they do not do anything that would make you feel as though they truly care about you. The word family is used to loosely in our society today because it is a good word to use with a group of people who are related, but there is no loyalty amongst one another. You can be related to someone and feel as though they are a stranger because you may not have not grown up in the same household as them or you never were around them a lot when you were younger.

There is a such thing of there being unequally yoked family relationships. Many families can be broken apart from maybe an argument that has occurred years ago and has not been settled or people do not put any time or effort in to communicate with one another on a regular basis. It seems as though it becomes easier over time to not have a close relationship with your family because they are never around and have maybe have shown you they are unreliable and have no loyalty to anyone but themselves.

I know may people may feel as though this topic is a hard thing for them to swallow, but it is the truth. If you feel as though you are a part of family that is divided, then you definitely understand what I am talking about. Some family members only show up when certain family events occur, but any other time you have no idea where they are or what they are doing. You may even follow many of your family members on social media, but you still do not talk to them because you do not trust them.

There might have been an occasion where you took a risk and tried to get to know your family members, but they ended up disrespecting you and making you feel bad because of the type of person you have become. Having a family does not always mean that you are going to have an emotional connection with everyone. Maybe it is not meant for you to have any connections with your family members because they could have the wrong intentions and your personality does not mesh well with theirs.

Family betrayal is very common and tends to lead many people to not want to form relationships with their family members because of unresolved issues that has not been addressed or has been purposely avoided due to certain individuals within the family not wanting to admit they were wrong. It is okay to view your family as a bunch of strangers because maybe there has been a series of events has happened that has led you to feel as though every time you are around your family members, you feel awkward and do not want to open up to them because they are all strangers.

Having one conversations with your estranged family will not fix the problems you have with them. Actions speak louder than words, people can always say this and that about themselves but their behavior will always show who they truly are. Do not allow any family member to make you feel bad because you feel uncomfortable around them. It takes more than being related to someone to make feel as though they are your family.



  1. Wow ! I couldn’t have said it better. I’m so distant from my brother and cousins , at one point we were all so close , and now when I talk to them we have absolutely nothing in common because our views are totally different . It’s sad but I know God will bless me with a “squad” one day lol . I never thought that living for Christ would bring so many things to light but I leave it in God’s hands . Merry Christmas ❤️

    1. I have family members as well that I don’t talk to on a regular basis and I had to come to the realization that maybe it’s not meant for them to be in my life. I had to discover that being related to someone does not mean that they are suppose to be apart of your life. God will always bring the right people in life at the right time. It’s truly hard being patient. Being distant from certain family members maybe is a good thing because wants you to see that no matter who is in your life you are going to be okay. Everything will work out for your good.

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