What Every First-Time Traveler Should Expect When Going to the Airport and Getting to Their Destination?

Being a first-time airplane traveler might come as a surprise to many people in our society today because most individuals travel nationally and internationally for personal reasons or for job purposes. There are people who have a phobia of traveling on an airplane to get to a certain destination because maybe they are a little apprehensive about being in the air so high. If there any first-time airplane travelers reading this blog, do you need feel bad, I recently got on a plane for the first time and the experience was a scary yet exciting. Various airlines try to make accommodations to all of their customers by having viable information on what they can pack in their luggage and what items are prohibited to have on you in the airport.

I viewed several different videos on YouTube on how to pack my luggage, how much clothes to bring for my trip, as well as what items to forgo bringing. I put so much emphasis on listening to the opinions of others on their flight experiences that I was literally a nervous-wreck and was afraid that a TSA agent would throw all of my valuable items away. Traveling through the holidays can be pretty hectic because everyone is pretty much trying to get home before Thanksgiving or Christmas comes around. I did not realize that the airports would be so crowded and was not really prepared to be around so many people at one given time.

I tend to get a little anxious when I get around a lot of people because I like my personal space and when you are surrounded by a large crowd, your personal space is no longer available to you. I notice that although airports have various clothing stores as well as restaurants to choose from, however they tend to have a shortage of charger outlets for travelers to plug in their electronic devices. It was like a nightmare because every nook and cranny I tried to find did not have a charger outlet. I am so glad that at least my phone was half way charged up before I got on my next flight.

The TSA Agents were a little intimidating because being that I am a first time traveler, I was not sure what to expect from them. I am glad that I only had to go through TSA one time because standing in a long line waiting to get searched is no fun at all especially if you are carrying a 10lb or more bag filled with clothes, shoes, or etc. I made my first airplane trip on my last day being 21 years old. Since my 20th birthday, I have done something entirely new for the first time, a few days before my birthday arrive. Getting on an airplane was the best birthday gift ever because experiencing the turbulence and seeing the beautiful clouds and sunset was all worth it.

If you are traveling to another state or country more than likely you will have a layover and will have to wait in an airport maybe an hour or more depending on the destination you are trying to get to. Time tends to go by really quickly in the airport and it would not be a good idea to get so distracted and start to walk around the entire airport and forgetting that your boarding time will be arriving very soon. The good thing about my first-time flying is that I got to experience everything with my twin sister. She was just as nervous as me and although we were not sitting by each other on the plane, I know she was there and it felt good to experience something so wonderful with someone else for the first time. We both had the opportunity to have window seats, which in my opinion is the best seats on the plane because tyou get to view everything outside and not have to look over anyone’s shoulders.

On your boarding ticket every passenger has a group number they have been placed in and will tell them when they can get on the plane. The flight attendants will announce each group and you will need to board with the people in your group. Separating each passenger by a group number is exactly very convenient and lowers the chance of there being a big crowd of people trying to find their seats at the same time. I tried going to sleep on the plane, but was not really comfortable enough to even try because I was sitting by strangers, the seats are not too hard, but not really soft either, and the constant noise of the plane.  There really was no need for me to go to sleep because my flight was only 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The downside about traveling is that you whether you are hungry or not, you need to eat before boarding the plane. I made the mistake of not eating during my layover and later on that night after I arrived to my destination, I suffered really bad abdominal pain. If you have this problem like I did, try taking two teaspoons of Milk of Magnesia or Pepto-Bismol. It would be best to arrive to the airport an hour before your boarding time so you will have enough time to go through TSA. Pack medicine such as Aleve, Tylenol, and some Pepto Bismol because you may get a headache on the flight and have stomach pains.

Please be respectful to the flight attendants and do not try to make more work for them being that there are usually two or three on a plane and have to accommodate 130 passengers. Be courteous to the people you are sitting in the same row with and be mindful at the fact that everyone might not be in the mood to start a conversation with.

Always ask for help if you are unsure about anything concerning your flight there is no need to second-guess when there are people working in the airport who can help you with whatever concerns you might have. Eat lots of gum because your ears will pop, have earphones available so that you will be able to listen to music or watch videos while in the airport or on the plane.

Do not pack so much clothes in your luggage because there is a chance you might want to buy something at the destination you are traveling to. Check for the weather forecast and dress appropriate to the weather type of the state or country you are traveling to. The time difference can confuse many people but try to stay ahead of the time and not get so distracted while in the airport.

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