How the Process of Reaching Success is More Life-Rewarding than the Benefits You Receive After Becoming Successful?

Every human being has their own set of aspirations and dreams that pushes them to be successful in a certain aspect of their professional and personal lives. There are people who have been working diligently every single day to accomplish their goals by giving themselves a timeline that details what steps they need to take to reach success within their career or personal life. The problem with trying to reach success is that it can be a very long journey and will require a person to remain being patient and consistent to the season they are currently are in. People can have a long list of goals to achieve by a certain day, month, and year, however it does not necessarily mean that person will actually complete everything from their list because maybe God has a different plan for their life.

I believe the process of reaching success is more beneficial than actually becoming successful. The process of success can either make or break a person and will definitely come with a lot of obstacles that a person did not initially know beforehand that they would be experiencing sometime in the future. It can be a random day and you could be going through your daily routine and out of nowhere you get this idea to pursue an endeavor you never originally had passion to do in previous years. When you get this new idea in your head that can be life-changing for you in so many ways, you get butterflies in your stomach because you are excited about what this endeavor can do for you in the near future.

You start to make a plan how to get to this specific goal and start to find resources that will allow to have a better understanding on what you will actually need to do to reach success. Spending as many hours as you each day working on your new endeavor gets you pumped up to not give up and to realize that if you keep pushing yourself you will eventually get everything you have worked so hard for. After a while, the process of success starts to become a blur where you start to question whether or not you made the right decision to pursue this endeavor.

You start to become insecure and question yourself as if you are incapable of reaching success because maybe you are comparing your life to someone else’s. You start to entertain the thoughts of giving up on your dreams because you do not see how it is benefiting your life anymore. Talking to people who are in your support system as well as God can make see yourself in a better way and stop making comparisons to other people’s success stories to yours.

When you allow things to happen on its own accord you are giving up your selfishness and God can give you directions on how to navigate through the process of success. Months and years can pass and you finally have reached success. Every obstacle you have faced while reaching success has taught you to not be selfish anymore, be humble and patient. Getting success might seem as though it is easy, but in reality, it is very hard and can be stressful at times because of the unknown that the future holds. You will experience a lot of negative things while you are trying to accomplish your dreams, but you should never allow any negative thought to get in the way of what God has placed on your heart to pursue.

Whatever goal you are trying to reach in life, it will come with good and bad experiences. Success does not always have to be recognition, accolades, or validation from others. Success can actually be the process of taking the time out to plan what you need to do to get to your goal. I know everyone has daydreamed about doing certain things in life, but your fantasy of your dream did you no justice in what reality really holds for you.

The process of success does not come over night, a month, or even a year. Your success may take longer depending on the obstacles you will have the face and how obedient you are within the process of waiting for your life to change. You may think after you have reached success you will be a little more happy or have stability in your life, but what if everything you ever wanted you already have, but you have to go through a long obstacle-course to realize what you have in front in you was the answer to all your problems.

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