How Can You Use Your Social Media Platform as a Ministry to Spread the Word of God

Social media is heavily utilized in our society for people to keep up with current events pertaining to politics, pop culture, health, finances, and etc. One of the greatest aspects of having a social media platform is that you can use it to inspire people in a certain area of life that you have once struggled in. Many people are so caught up with getting followers on social media that it has become difficult for individuals looking for content to uplift their spirit from the burdens they are dealing with in their personal life.

Social media can be used as a tool to start an online ministry to encourage people to step out on faith and not be afraid to spread the word of God. Starting an online ministry can be cost-efficient as well as simple to create depending on what social media platform you would like to use to post videos, blogs, or podcasts on to get more people to continue to be strong with their spirituality. I started my online ministry, Christian Girl Ministry, November 2016. Months prior, I had no idea that I would even have my own ministry available online because maybe God was keeping my website hidden from me until I was ready to acknowledge the fact that he has given me the gift to be a writer who can write articles to motivate others to keep having faith through the good and bad times.

Social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, YouNow, Twitter, Tumblr, and etc can be use to start your own online ministry. Some people feel as though pastors are the only individuals qualified to have an online ministry, which is not entirely true. If you have a calling over life to spread the gospel to the masses, then you can do so by reaching people through social media. Millions of people are using social media on a daily basis and uploading a preview of your ministry content can definitely change someone’s life.

Do not look to start an online ministry to receive recognition, accolades, and money. Starting a ministry shouldn’t be based on materialistic things, but the people you have the opportunity to talk with about how can God can change their life. People watching, reading, or listening to your ministry content can detect automatically if you are in it for the wrong reasons. If you truly do not have a calling to start an online ministry, do not waste your time doing so.

An online ministry should be based around encouraging people instead of criticizing them. Everyone is not perfect and you should not have content displayed on your social media platform that talks negatively about a certain group of people. You need to do a lot of soul-searching first before deciding to start an online ministry. Having an online ministry is a lot of work, but at the end of the day it is all worth it because you will get the chance to help others have more confidence in themselves.

If you need any help starting an online ministry there are plenty of websites as well as videos discussing the type of ministry you are interested in starting and as the devices, money, and social media sites you will need to have to get your ministry content viewed more. I am not really an expert in starting an online ministry because I still considered myself to be a newbie.

I believe everyday as your ministry grows, you will see a lot of changes, good and bad. There are going to be days where it seems as though you have nothing to talk about and other days where you just have so much to discuss but you do not want to come off to your audience as if you are a know-it-all. It takes patience to have an online ministry because you will experience so much negativity and positivity at the same time that it can leave you confused on what you should really do.

If you are truly interested in starting an online ministry, write down your ideas, start doing research on the material you will need to make your ministry successful. I am going to tell you right now that it can be difficult to figure out what type of online ministry fits best with your spiritual talents as well as personality. You may have originally thought that your online ministry should be one way, but in the end it turns out an entirely different way.

It is okay if you get frustrated with trying to figure out how to start up your online ministry, it will take time and patience. Once you have figured out what you would like your online ministry to be start creating content and set up a schedule to when you will upload your material to your social media platforms. The more times that you upload your content, the more people will view your content.  Do not stress everything will work out on its own time. Do not try to rush the process because there will always be something you will need to know before you make a decision pertaining to your online ministry.

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