The Side Effects People Do Not Talk About When Becoming a Vegan or Vegetarian?

A couple of months ago, I made the decision to go vegetarian because I wanted to make changes in my diet as well as become healthier in the process. I viewed hundreds of videos online discussing the benefits of being a vegetarian and why eating meat is harmful to your body. As months passed, I started to notice that being a vegetarian was a lot harder than I originally thought it to be. I have been a vegetarian for only five months and have decided to discontinue being in this journey because of the negative side effects I have been experiencing while fasting from consuming any meat products.

For the past few months, the side of effects of being a vegetarian I have experienced are depression, anxiety, lack of vitamin D/zinc, and anemia. I did not realize at the time that I was mentally exhausted and that I had allowed the ideas of others to influence to be a part of a new lifestyle that made me feel worse than I did before I decided to stop eating meat. There is so much protein in eating meat and I was depriving my body from getting the nutrients it really needed to have enough energy throughout the day to do various activities. It feels like these past few months I have been walking around as if I am a zombie in the show The Walking Dead. I have had no energy and no motivation to just get out of bed and enjoy my day by doing activity that does not involve me laying down all day.

I never had felt this depressed about anything in my entire life until I made the choice to stop eating meat. I would  be so upset when I would be out at restaurants with my family and friends and could not even order what I really wanted to eat because I was a vegetarian. There is nothing wrong with being a vegan or vegetarian, however I ate more junk food as a vegetarian than I did when I was eating meat on a regular basis. For example, I have always enjoyed eating French fries, but when I stop eating meat my cravings for potatoes increased and started to eat a lot of cheese as well. I never really been a fan of eating cheese, but now I really like food with tons of cheese. Another thing I was eating too much of was ice, which is really bad for teeth and your overall health because if you eating ice it usually means you are lacking nutrients in your body and have a form of anemia called pica.

Being a vegetarian introduced me to new foods that I thought in my wildest dreams I would like such as a black bean burger, cheese enchiladas, almond milk, eggplant parmesan, and even cheese eggs. None of this type of food I would have never consumed on my own if I did not make the chose months prior to stop eating meat. I was losing too much weight and not getting enough nutrients in my body, which left me always sleepy, irritable, and depressed. Eating a plant-base diet can be expensive as well because vegetables and fruit tend to run out very quickly because you have to eat it before it gets spoiled or rotten out. I do not even like to eat salads anymore because that was the only food I could really eat if I went out somewhere.

If never have to see romaine lettuce topped with salad dressing again I would be fine. I do not think I would ever deprive my body of the nutrients it needs ever again. You can still be healthy and consume meat, you just have to be smart about what type of food you are eating on a regular basis. Being a vegetarian literally changed every aspect of my life and I do not regret my decision to not eat meat because it definitely was a learning lesson for me.

I did everything wrong when deciding to become a vegetarian. I ate more junk food than veggies and fruits. I did not even consult with a doctor first to see if it was even a smart decision to deprive my body from food I have been eating since I was a child. I did not take any vitamins or iron supplements to help give me more vitamin D and zinc. Exercising was out of the question for me because when you become a vegetarian or vegan your bones become brittle and tend to have a low tolerance for pain, which means your body will take longer to heal.

I do not care how many videos are made on being a vegetarian, people need to talk with their doctor first before choosing to stop eating meat. People who make videos on YouTube discussing the benefits of vegetarian do not always share what is exactly is going on with their body. Not eating any meat may help with losing belly fat or getting you to eat more vegetables. However, the problem is that you have to find a new way to get protein into your body and most vegetables do not have enough protein to help keep up your iron and vitamin levels. When your body loses the protein it needs, your body starts to find different places in your body to get nutrients from.

My body was acting as if it was on sleep mode 24/7 because I had no protein available to keep me energized throughout the day. I had gotten so depressed that I was sleeping too much during the day and not wanting to do anything productive. I was depressed at the fact I could not eat meat products and was losing lack of creativity to create meals with no meat in it. There would be days where I would eat a lot and some days I would eat maybe once or twice a day because my appetite was decreasing. I made the decision yesterday afternoon to stop this journey because I was not feeling like myself anymore. I would rather be safe than sorry in the long run. I feel as though if I continue with being a vegetarian I would soon be admitted in the hospital.

Many people who want to become a vegan or vegetarian need to know the risk factors they can face when trying to give up meat. Not eating meat does not stop you from catching a cold, getting a headache, or getting a deadly disease. To be honest you are more prone to get sick more than anyone else because you do not have enough nutrients in your body to fight off bacteria.

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