Are People Limiting Themselves from Being Great in Life Due to Labeling?

Various sociologists have a created a labeling theory where individuals who are categorized to fit in a specific social norm will act in a defiant manner and try to imitate personality traits that are opposite to what society has placed them under. Researchers conduct various research studies, experiments, and surveys trying to decipher the personality of a variety of people and tend to have a bias perspective on what type of lifestyle each individual living in a community will have for the remainder of their life-span. Statistics that are created by psychologists and sociologists are influencing people to act out negatively due to so much controversy that can occur from people having to be place on a pedestal that they were not asked to be on.

For example, there could be a teenage girl who has young parents who had her at a very early age and statistics show that the child will be a teen mom because her mother was one as well. Labeling people to live a certain life makes it seem as though positive and negative situations are bound to happen in a person’s life due to their upbringing or their current status in society. Labeling can motivate someone to become addicted to drugs, join a gang, become a murderer, a workaholic, an athlete and etc. because they want to prove themselves and other people they are capable of not doing what everyone else wants them to do with their life. How would you feel if you had someone constantly pressuring you to accomplish certain things in life, but you felt no conviction over your heart to do those things because maybe you feel as though God is trying to lead you down a different path.

Not feeling worthy enough to accomplish certain things in life becomes many people’s reality because maybe they are around individuals who put so many labels on them that it has become difficult for them to properly function because they cannot deal with living up to other’s expectations. What do you do when people are constantly telling you, you will never amount to anything or that you will be a great leader one day, but in your heart you feel a disconnection somewhere. You can push yourself too hard to exceed other people’s expectation and end up destroying yourself in the process because you want to have something to prove to the naysayers.

You’re too skinny, fat, ugly, pretty, vulgar, ignorant, illiterate, and etc. are types of labels that many people are given from birth. It can be very insulting for a person to be given negative labels because it can shatter their self-esteem and drive them to not have any confidence. It pushes some people over the edge and they start to believe that every negative label that has been placed on them is true. However, people who are given positive labels might go through the same thing and tend to have doubts on whether or not they can succeed in their life. Their parents and peers have put so many expectations on them that it can feel like they are suffocating because they do not know what they really want to do with their own life.

Labeling can be detrimental to anyone because you never want to limit yourself to just doing the same things over and over again. You can start new projects and not have to feel as though you need to get caught up in what everyone else wants you to do. You can be anything you want to be in life and sometimes all it takes is patience, persistence, and being confident in who you are as an individual. Never deem your light because others are too afraid to admit the truth, which is you were wonderfully created by God to be magnificent. People are going to constantly degrade your character and try to get you to act out in a negative manner. Sometimes labeling people can drive them to do participate in things that could mentally and emotionally break them.

Think outside the box and never allow anyone to tell you who you are. No human being can place a label on you because your existence is here to serve a purpose that is beyond anything you might have ever imagine. You can succeed in life by not allowing the labels others give you that are good and bad. Do not look to other people to congratulate you when you do well or to gossip about you when you make mistakes. You do not need anyone’s approval to be great in life. Be true to yourself and never deem your light for anyone.

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