Does Community Service Help Individuals Be More Empathic?

Community service involves projects that residents in various neighborhoods can participate in by taking the time out during days out of the week to volunteer at a non-profit organization. Participating in community service projects gives individuals the opportunity to be a service to people who are in need and do not have the resources to help themselves. Many people would opt out of volunteering because it is basically working for free. Working for free can help anyone realize that money is not everything and that sometimes you have to do certain things without getting a paycheck because maybe you need to learn how to not depend so heavily on getting materialistic things.

There are various non-profit organizations that local residents can come in during the weekdays and weekends to volunteer. Many companies across the United States even have internships available for college students who need experience working in a career field they will eventually be a part of in the near future. Many college students are eager to get an internship during their undergraduate years because they want hiring managers to view their resume and to see that they have experience working in their future career field. Volunteering allows individuals to appreciate life and to not be so selfish. Being a good Samaritan is what God wants us to be on a regular basis. People will literally walk pass a homeless person and have no remorse about not helping them in any kind of way.

God did not create mankind to think only of themselves, but to lend a helping hand to others. Community service does not cost anything at all to participate in. Anybody can throw money and write a check to an organization to not feel so guilty about giving back to the community. Being a humanitarian is not about how much money you can give to someone else or an organization is in need of resources, but be willing to actually go out in your neighborhood and help serve. Some of the best things to receive in life money cannot buy.

God loves for us to be a service to others because it allows us to be humble and to not think only of ourselves. Why do people get so eager about applying for a job that will guarantee them the chance to earn a high salary, but will refuse to spend a couple of hours volunteering a local non-profit organization. The problem that many people have is that they want to be a humanitarian so that they can get all of the attention. Being a humanitarian should not be about how much exposure you can get, but how you can help make a difference in someone else’s life or even learn how to be more responsible in your own.

It is sad, but true that many people do not volunteer or have never participated in a community service project in their life. The more community service projects you participate over time; you start to be more empathic towards others who have a similar or different lifestyle as you. The world does not evolve around you and community service will definitely give some individuals a reality check about what really goes on in the lives of various citizens.

You can help bring awareness to issues terrorizing such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drugs, teen pregnancy, gangs, and etc. There is an organization for every issue that is problematic in our country. Do not sit around and waste your time contemplating whether or not you should volunteer. There are people who you can encourage and mentor to step out on faith and do not get discouraged by being a toxic situation because God can bring them out of their obstacle.

Whether you agree with me or not, one of our purposes here on this Earth is to help others. Helping someone could include acting as a mentor, giving them food, encouraging them to get closer to God, or even motivating them to get professional help if they need assurance in certain areas of their life. There are some many people living in darkness and need someone in their life who is going to push them back to accepting God’s love for them. Community service is a great way to interact with people who come from a different background than you and their life experiences can teach you to be more accepting to others who do not live and act in the manner as you.

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