How Can Individuals Get Over Being Socially Awkward Around Others?

Do you ever feel as though when you are around a large number of people you become claustrophobic, bashful, or timid? You might feel as though everyone around you are social butterflies, but yet you tend to get nervous from trying to find a way to start conversations with people you do not know. Even when you take the initiative to start conversations with other people it seems as though you run out of things to talk about and have moments where you just want to escape and not even try anymore to be socialable. It may be very difficult for many people to step out of their comfort zones and to have enough confidence to step into a room full of people they do not know and start talking. You may even feel out-of-place at times when you are in settings when everyone else is talking a mile a minute and you are just still trying to figure out why you are even in this type of social environment.

There is nothing wrong with feeling socially awkward because maybe you just do not feel comfortable yet around certain groups of people. Maybe you feel at ease when you around people who you have a close relationship with and tend to be more vocal when you see familiar faces in a room. Nothing screams awkward than being in a room with a bunch of strangers and you are having a talk with yourself on what type of person looks approachable enough to go up to and start a conversation with. Even the most overly confident individuals have moments where it seems like nothing they are saying is holding interest with others around them. Many social environments, if it does not fit your personality, will leave you feeling as though you are have poor communication skills and need to work on being more confident when in different settings.

For example, a person could feel comfortable talking to people they attend church with, but tend to not be as vocal when they are at work with individuals they really do not have a relationship with. Some people can make it very hard for you to talk to them because their body language is not inviting and maybe they have already assumed that you do not want to speak with them. It is never a good idea to assume how a person’s personality is without taking the time out to actually have a conversation with them. You may come off as looking as if you do not want to be bothered, but in reality you could be nervous because you do not want to embarrass yourself around individuals you do know that well.

It makes it even more awkward when you are in a social environment where people have formed cliques and are not willing to get to know new people who are eager to form relationships with them. I really do not like the word “antisocial” because it is so negative and many people tend to give certain individuals this label if they do not talk to them and write them as being socially challenged because maybe they do not feel comfortable talking with them. Sometimes talking too much is not a good thing because every person you encounter should not be able to decipher what your opinions are on everything going in your life. Being a mystery to people in this modern age is looked as being a problem, but in fact being quiet or shy is a great characteristic to have because it means you are very cautious and will refrain from blurting out the wrong things at the wrong time.

The best way to get over being socially awkward is to be around people who you know will make you comfortable enough to communicate back and forth with. Some personalities will clash because there are people who just come off as being arrogant and tend to be close-minded to speaking to new people. You have to find what social environments fit well with your personality and strive to be in those types of settings often. When you find what type of social environments mesh well with your personality then you will be able to meet people who more than likely will have similarities with you and then it will not be so tense when trying to start a conversation. A conversation should not be forced with anyone and for you to be able to communicate more you have to be in the right setting and with people who are willing to get to know you and to understand who you truly are.


  1. Awesome post, very fun to read! I’m personally very loud and talkative around people I know, but it’s almost funny that I turn into the exact opposite with people I am not comfortable with/ that I do not know well or at all. It is sometimes a problem, because it’s indeed tougher for me to form new friendships, but I think there’s a blessing in my feature too, the same one you mentioned. I don’t say the wrong things at the wrong time and I make sure that only the right people know me well.

    1. I can be very talkative around people I know but tend to be very reserved around individuals I do not know that well. I enjoy meeting new people because it allows me to step out of my comfort zone. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog post.

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