How To Overcome Being Ashamed of Your Past Mistakes?

Every individual has their own box of skeletons that they might not be willing to share with people they have a close relationship with. There might have been moments a person has gone through in their life that has motivated them to change their behavior and to try to not repeat the same mistakes they did in the past. Everyone has a past that may involve encounters they have had with other people that has made them act in a manner that was very inappropriate. Getting over your past mistakes can take time and learning how to not be ashamed of the obstacles you face makes a person more maturer because they are no longer afraid of people criticizing them for the choices they have made. There are individuals who make it seem as though they live a perfect life and have never face any hardships, but when certain topics are brought up to discuss they automatically shut down and do not know how to deal with answering questions without revealing too much of their past.

There is a way to discuss certain topics without going into full detail about your past and the mistakes you have made throughout life. If you do not feel comfortable sharing aspects of your life to people then do not talk about, but do not act as if you have never had any embarrassing or humiliating moments. Sometimes you have to literally laugh from keep from crying whenever you think about moments that made you upset or depressed. You have to give your heart time to heal from your past mistakes because if you do not then you most likely will potentially go through the same situation over and over again until you learn that your actions are leading you down a path of destruction.

I am not that bold to even share certain aspects of my life to people because everyone does not need to know everything you have faced in life. Some things just need to be keep private and not be revealed to people because everyone you will encounter one day does not always have good intentions to keep your personal affairs to themselves and not share your past with other individuals. Sometimes you have to be able to embrace your past to be able to move forward in life. Human beings do not get a remote control like Adam Sandler did in the movie, Click, where you can rewind certain moments in your life and redo it in another way. Just think about if you had the ability to change your past mistakes would ever learn to just be comfortable with being imperfect and not have to worry about being a perfectionist all of the time.

You cannot go through life regretting everything you have participated in because you are not giving yourself enough time to grow and to realize that your past can mold you to become a better person in the near future. As a human being you are going to make constant mistakes along your life journey and the wrong way to go about each situation is to have regrets because no matter if you intentionally or accidently made certain actions you have no way to maneuver your way around not falling short at times. If certain moments did not happen in your life who is to say that you will be the person you are today. You have the ability to not make the same mistakes in the past again, but you have to be able to embrace your past and not act as if certain situations did not occur.

Some people enjoy revealing their past mistakes to others because maybe in a way it is like therapy for them to get tension off their chest and just be free from all of the stress. Maybe God just wants you to forgive yourself and even the people you have blamed for making you feel like as though they manipulated you be a part of certain situations to fit in with others. Your past mistakes are a part of your life story and maybe one day you will get to the point in your life where you can discuss certain situations without getting emotional about it.

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