Why Should People Not Be Afraid to Be the Underdog in Life?

An underdog can be defined as a person who has no chance of being successful in life and will always be looked over by their peers due to not having certain qualities that their competitors have. Underdogs are always viewed in society as being incapable of being an effective leader and are not worthy to be placed on the same pedestal as individuals who are well-respected by other individuals. Many people automatically assume that an underdog has no drive or passion to make it in life and tend to view them as if they are damaged goods. There will always be people who have a difficult time accomplishing certain goals in life because maybe God has a plan for their life that will help them be more appreciative of the things that they will face along their journey and be willing to encourage others who will fall short at times too. Have you ever felt as though nothing you did was ever appreciated by your family, friends, and coworkers? You may even feel as though you are not good enough to be in your career field, attend a certain school, or be an effective leader.

Human beings have been in competition with one another since the beginning of time and yet many people have become arrogant to the fact that they might excel in various areas of their life while others have hard time trying to figure out how to even start on their obstacle course. There could be a person who has lived under the shadow of others that have been glorified for making accomplishments, but in their life they have not been given the same encouragement or recognition as their peers. The underdog is viewed as a person who fail and just needs to give up their aspirations because there is no way that their goals will even be accomplished one day. In my own life, I feel like I have been viewed as an underdog because I do not come off to others as being overly-confident, obnoxious, and arrogant.

I have always chosen to be reserved and cautious around others because you should not be so trusting to people you do not know. I have even been told on many occasions that no one was going to take me seriously because I am too shy and timid for anyone to even want to pay attention to. In high school, I would get talked about because I was not one of the popular kids and was outcasted by my peers for not wanting to hang around certain people. I did not realize during my teenage years that being underdog did not mean I was a failure, but that God was preparing me to become a great leader in my society one day. I would get upset and depressed because I did not have any friends and would constantly ask my parents if something was wrong with me because many people did not want to be around me.

When I went off to college and started taking higher level courses, I was told by academic advisor that I would not excel in college because I was making mediocre grades. I had so many people who wanted to see me fail because they did not want to see God use me to fulfill his purpose. The day I rededicated my life to Christ is when everything changed for the better. I made the decision to transfer to another university and took my education more seriously and even raised my GPA and was given an opportunity to be a part of a National Honor Society for college students. I stepped out on faith and formed my own website where many people across the globe have been able to read my articles. So being the underdog does not mean that you are a loser, but a winner. Underdogs never give up on their dreams and keep moving forward to accomplish their goals no matter how many people tell them no along their journey they will not make it.

You may have to face a long journey, but do not give up on your dreams because others do not see what God has in store for you. You were born to be great and one day all of the things you have been fighting to get will one day be given to you for remaining faithful to God and your purpose here on this Earth. You may not get that promotion at your job, may be failing in school, have no where to live, no money, no car, and etc. God has a plan for your life and it does not matter if other people do not believe in you, God does. Do not allow others to walk all over you and make you feel as though you will never be successful in life. Being an underdog makes you humble and you are more willing to help others than individuals who are used to getting everything handed to them.

God has so many blessing he is waiting to give you, you just have to keep pushing through and ignore what the naysayers have to say about you because nothing that they say is true. You are a leader no matter if no one else thinks that you are. You do not have to be the most recognized person in the room to make a difference in your community. Do not change yourself to fit in with the in-crowd because eventually those same people who use to make fun of you will eventually have to ask you for help in the near future. Do not treat your naysayers the same way they have treated you. Treat them with kindness and just pray that their hearts will change and they will be more accepting to individuals who are different from them.


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