How to Maintain Your Faith in God While Working in a Non-Christian Environment?

There are many Christians who are working in environments where their faith in God is constantly being tested due to having coworkers and managers who are representing behavior that goes against their spiritual beliefs. It may seem as though you may feel left out when your coworkers are having conversations about topics you are not comfortable with sharing your opinions with others about. Some people can get so caught up with trying to do worldly activities that when they come upon someone who takes their faith in God seriously they write that person off as being a Jesus freak, lame, or just too uptight and need to live in the moment. The majority of the time, you will come across many individuals who are non-believers and will question your spirituality as if it is a joke and try to manipulate you to believe that God does not exist and you should not waste your time believing in him.

On many occasions, you may come across coworkers who will gossip about you when you are not around because they do not understand how you can function without drinking, partying, and participating in other activity that will get you cool points with your peers. I have worked with people who have tried to question my character because I refused to communicate with them about personal matters that is inappropriate to discuss in the workplace. Do not get upset when someone do not understand why you choose to forgo acting in a certain manner because it does not matter if you are not liked by anyone at your job, maybe God has positioned you to be at a certain job to show others that Jesus lives in all of us.

Customers may use profanity and call you vulgar names, but it does not matter what type of comments people make about you, God loves you. It can be difficult to try to find a way to resolve an issue with a customer, coworker, or even a supervisor, but sometimes the best move to make is to walk away and just refrain from acting in an unprofessional manner.

On one occasion, I was working as a Retail Flex Associate at a major retail store and my job positon required that I worked in different departments if a Regular Associate was unable to work in their department during certain days during the week. In many of the departments, many of the customers would get upset if they were unable to use their coupons or could not get discounts on clothing items. Many of the customers would take their frustrations out on me and try to belittle my job as if I was not capable of performing my job objectives correctly. I made sure to be courteous and respectful to every customer even if they were rude and disrespectful to me. Some customers were very surprised that I chose to not argue with them and instead made the decision to listen to their concerns and find a way to resolve their issues without a confrontation uprising.

You do not have to get even or revenge on others who treat you unfairly while you are at work. I have been called out of my name on many occasions by customers and it did not push me to the point where I wanted to take matters into my own hands. I knew that God was covering me while I was at work and I did not need to prove myself to customers, managers, and other employees that I was tough. No matter what you do, some people will never be satisfied and it is waste of time to try to lower standards to be accepted by a group of employees who may talk badly about you when you are not around. I’ve been labeled as being quiet, uptight, and too serious while I am working because many of my coworkers do not understand why I choose to bring my spiritual beliefs to work. No one says you have to be friends with people that you work with. I’m cordial to everyone I work with, but at the same time I have to distance myself away from people who do not believe in the same things that I do.

There are a lot of things you may not be able to talk with others about when you are at work because it goes against your beliefs and you just do not feel comfortable with anyone to share. Maintaining your faith at work can be hard especially if you are around people who exhibit negative behavior all day. People always tend to think the loudest the person in the room is the most confident, but sometimes it can be the complete opposite. Whenever you are at work and you feel as though you cannot deal with customers, coworkers, and managers pray and read the bible when you are on your break.

Every time I read the bible and pray it acts as a confidence booster for me to deal with the ridicule at work. You may or may not be surrounded by other Christians at work, but during your time at your job make the best out of it by showing others who God really is based on the actions you display. People will start to see that you are different and some will gravitate towards you and others will distance themselves away because they might not be in the point in their life where they want to embrace God. Don’t judge others who do not believe in God and refrain from getting into conflicts with people who will try any way to bring you down to their level of negativity.









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