Why Do Some Individuals Settle for Having a Mediocre Life and Not Push Themselves to Face Adversity?

Settling for an average lifestyle could be defined as a person not challenging themselves enough to accomplish the goals they have set for themselves to achieve at a particular time period. Some individuals may come to the realization that their hopes and dreams might not come true and choose to settle for living a life that they do not have to work too hard to become an overachiever. The problem that many people who settle with having a mediocre life is that they want everything to come easy for them and not have to truly put in any work to obtain success in their life. Not everyone wants to live in a gated community, have a family, a dog, become an entrepreneur, or even be in committed relationship. Every human being is motivated to accomplish certain things in life and when a person loses interest to chase after their dreams, they tend to lose a piece of themselves in the process and may not know how to get back on track with having a life that allows them to be adventurous, happy, ambitious, and goal-oriented.

In a way, settling for a mediocre lifestyle can come from a person being placed in a stressful situation that has changed their outlook on life and not even put any time or effort into hurdling over obstacles. How can a person bounce back to living their life in a way that will push them to be the best version of themselves and not give up on accomplishing their goals when certain issues arise in their life? Fear drives so many people to just quit in every area in their life which includes their job, having a relationship with their friends and family, maintaining their faith in God, and not taking the time to pursue endeavors that can lead them to having success.

Why are people so afraid of taking risks and not caring what others have to say about the decisions they choose to make. You will never know how great you can be if you do not take the opportunity to step out on faith and trust that God is leading you down the path of righteousness.

Life is all about taking risks. If you are not willing to take risks in life than you are not ready to find your purpose in life. Having aspirations drives people to have passion for making a difference and not about caring about if you fail in the process of trying to achieve your goals. If you fail while trying to complete a certain goal, it does not mean you are failure. Maybe God is trying to teach you a lesson about life and that settling for mediocrity leaves people to not expand their horizon and welcoming change to occur. There are so many people who do not realize how great they can be because they have their blinders on and just willing to live life where they just not try to accomplish anything that will allow them the chance to have joy and be happy.

Happiness is not always want you can gain from a situation, but how you go about it. If you go into a situation being negative than you probably will get a negative result. Mediocrity influences people to not have a motivation to push themselves to face adversity in the face and not be afraid of the outcome of a situation.

There will be times where it seems as though everything you have dreamed of accomplishing and you take the initiative to pursue it ends up failing miserably, does not mean you should stop believing in yourself. The minute you stop believing in yourself to become an overachiever than you have already settled for being mediocre. You have to be willing to jump through hurdles to get to the finish line. It can be scaring to go into a situation not knowing if you will succeed, but sometimes you have to take that risk to give yourself the opportunity to know that God has your back and when things do not work out eventually you will be placed in another phase that will lead to success.

Whatever you want to accomplish in life can be completed. You just have to be willing to not care so much about what others say, the challenges you will face, and how long it will take you to achieve your goals. Do not settle for living life in which you do not try to accomplish anything. Stop doubting yourself and face adversity with confidence and do not give up when things are getting tough for you to handle.




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