How Does Holding Grudges Ruin Relationships with Family, Friends, and Coworkers?

Many people can ruin the relationships they have with their family members, friends, and co-workers by not learning how to forgive and move on from a toxic situation. Holding a grudge against someone you have a close relationship with can lead to dysfunction and people not willing to resolve their issues by communicating with each other. In every relationship you have with the people in your life, you will be face with situations where it seems as though you disagree with the choices someone else makes because you may not want to see them get hurt, but your concern comes off as being judgmental and negative. There are individuals who had a close relationship with their family and friends at one time in their life, but they allowed their anger to drive the people away who truly love them. It is never a good idea to hold a grudge against anyone because it makes people become bitter and constantly find excuses to not face their problems.

Friendships, romantic relationships, and families are constantly being destroyed because people are not able to stop being selfish and put aside their differences to love one another. It does not matter how bad an argument gets, it is unacceptable for anyone to be unforgiving to the person who has caused them heartache and pain. No one said that you have to be around the person who has betrayed your trust, however if you do not find it in your heart to forgive others than you cannot expect someone to forgive you when you break their trust. The tables tend to always turn when people want others to be willing to move on from bad situations they were a part of, but in their own life they cannot even consider reconciling their differences with individuals they have hurt. Many people enjoy playing the victim when they feel as though no one is being supportive of their decisions they make in life. Playing the victim allows individuals to be in-denial to the fact that everyone else has feelings and their personal issues matter as well.

A grudge is the feeling of having resentment towards someone who has hurt you mentally, physically, or emotionally. Usually people who hold grudges have not truly gotten over the situation that has caused them to not even consider apologizing or releasing the tension they have for a particular person they despise. Resentment causes so many people to suffer because they are constantly rewinding and playing bad situations over and over again in their head. While a person might be holding a grudge against someone else who has hurt them, the person they are upset with probably has moved on with their life, forgiven themselves from treating you badly, and have learned from their mistakes.

There is no reason why anyone should keep being upset about things that happened in the past. There is no way you can go back in time and change the past, but you do have the power to change the present and future. Instead of dwelling on a negative situation, place all of your worries to God and he will help you release all of the bad energy you have placed in your heart. Grudges destroy marriages, work relationships, friendships, and families. Misunderstandings can really cause many people to have bad communication skills because instead of talking to the person they have an issue with, they shut down and decide that being angry is more satisfying than reconciling their differences with others. Do you know that when you allow yourself to hold grudges you are putting your health in serious danger?

There are so many people who have heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, seizures, and etc. because they allow stressful situations to alter their emotions in a negative manner. Let the grudge go and do not isolate self away from people who have hurt you. Talk to the individuals you have issues with and maybe you can find a way to mend your relationships with them. Some disputes can be resolve if both parties are willing to not be selfish and to think only on how they felt when a certain situation occurred. Do not wait until something bad happens to someone to apologize for treating them bad. Apologize today and move on from the situation.

Do not allow your pride to persuade you to isolate yourself from people you are upset with. You do not always have to communicate with the individual you have a grudge with to forgive them. You can forgive them in your heart and allow God to deal with the person and the bad situation.

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