Can God Speak to Individuals By Placing Convictions On Their Hearts to Change Their Bad Habits and Give Their Life Fully To Him?

Many Christians might feel as though the only way God can speak to them is if he vocally makes his presence known to them. In the Bible there are many instances where God vocally made his presence known to certain individuals he wanted to use to fulfill his purpose of spreading the gospel to non-believers. Every individual will have a unique relationship with God that is not the same as everyone else. God may appear in dreams for some individuals while others will feel the Holy Spirit leading them change certain aspects of their daily life for the better so that they will be able to have a closer relationship with Jesus. God can place convictions over your heart that influences people to change their bad habits and live their life that is pleasing to him.

God is omnipresent which means that he is everywhere and you do not have to be in church to hear God’s voice. God can make his presence known to certain individuals who are spiritually mature enough to handle the message he will give them that will lead them to their destiny. There are people who are desperate to hear God’s voice and tend to get frustrated at times when they hear others telling them how they have experienced God moving in their life. Your walk with God will be totally different than anyone else and you should not expect God to move in the same manner he does in someone else’s life. God hears your cries and makes his presence known at times, you just might not be paying attention or just too caught up in worrying about what God has done in other people’s lives that you are missing the opportunity to connect with your heavenly Father.

One of the problems is with many Christians is that they view God as a genie or magician who can grant them wishes that will magically appear at the time that they ask. God does not work in the same way that man does and needs no direction on what needs to occur in your life. If you truly want to grow closer to God make time for him and do not wait till Sunday to realize all of the things that he has done for you. You cannot expect God to bless you, when you are constantly ignoring him throughout the week and when Sunday comes around you want to act as if you truly love God. God is just and understands your cares and troubles, however you cannot make time for everyone else, but he comes last.

Fasting, praying, reading the bible, or just talking to God as if he is your best friend are great opportunities for you to connect with him. The presence of the Holy Spirit can come upon you and give you discernment on what choices you need to make within your life. You may not like the direction God wants you to go, but you have to have faith that is leading you to the finish line. Every time that you sin I am sure you feel this emotion where you know that the actions you made were wrong and God is not pleased. That emotion you are feeling every time you fall short of the glory of God is called conviction of sin. Conviction of sin is the feeling on wanting to repent of the wrongful actions a person has committed and wants God to forgive them. Many occasions there may be a powerful conviction placed on your heart to change because God wants to see you win and need you to be a light for individuals who are living in darkness.

Do not ignore the convictions the Holy Spirit places on your heart because that is the opportunity for you to realize that God wants you to be the best version of yourself and the only way that can happen is if you die to your fleshly desires. Giving up your fleshly desires will allow you to understand the actions you need to make to get closer to God. Whatever God is leading you to do he still will allow you the free will to make the choice to return to doing things your way or choosing to be obedient and have faith that he will allow miracles to occur in your life.



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