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How Keeping Your Personal Affairs Private Will Decrease the Chance of Drama to Occur Within Your Daily Life?

In this day and age, it has become a popular trend for individuals to share their personal affairs through social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Many individuals have an obsession with showing their daily routine to strangers they considered to be their followers on a media platform site. People are capturing pictures of themselves and their loved ones and posting them on social networks and telling everyone what they are doing and what location they are currently at. Public figures such as celebrities, fitness trainers, politicians, singers, athletes, and etc. have persuaded the general population to follow the trend of sharing their personal information on the internet by either making posts about what currently is going on within their life and to use social networks to air out their dirty laundry.

Before technology took over society and influenced many people to have no discretion when it comes to their personal life, it was very difficult for people to know what others were doing because there were no technological devices invented yet for people to know what exactly a person they have an interest in is doing. In our society today, it has become normal for people to constantly making posts about their personal life which may include their current relationship status, friends, places they are traveling to, what type of job position they have, and where they are residing at. It may seem as though it is quite normal for people to reveal their personal information to the public, but there are many individuals who are dangerous and can find any opportunity to harm someone just by looking at their social media timeline.

Many couples who have become popular on social media are taking things to the extreme by showcasing their relationship drama for the world to see and criticize. If you go on to the news feed of Instagram, you will literally see a variation of couples who are addicted to taking pictures with each other or their significant other and making captions that may be a little too personal for anyone else to view over the internet. It is understandable that people who have a job position that requires them to get on social media on to discuss certain aspects of their life, but at the same time you have figure out what will influence someone else to start drama just by want you say and do over social media.

When you choose to not taking any pictures or to not reveal your personal life to the public, many people will automatically assume that you are antisocial and are too focus trying to make your life seem as though it is perfect. No one’s life is perfect and making the decision to keep others out of your personal affairs can definitely be rewarding because you do not have to worry about people questioning you about what they see you post on social media. There are some people who have an interest in trying to play an impromptu detective and investigate everything everyone else is doing within their life. You have nothing to prove to others and if you choose to not have a social media account or rarely take pictures there is no harm in that whatsoever.

When you keep your personal life private, you do not have to deal with people you may know asking a hundreds of questions all the time. There might be some people who feel as though they have the right to know what is going on in other individuals’s lives.  If you do not have a personal relationship with someone, who are you to feel as though you are entitled to know the moves and decision another person wants to make within their own life. You could be a millionaire, but it does not mean you have to tell anyone about it. You still can maintain relationships with others and keep your personal life from being the topic of discussion. If you do not have a relationship with a particular person, do not get upset if they choose to not tell you about certain aspects of their life.

Many people want to get into other individual’s business so they have something to talk about. When people do not know what you are doing with your life, they can still talk about you, but it won’t be much to talk about from you choosing to take the high road and to not do what everyone else thinks is trendy and cool. There are too many criminals walking around trying to find any opportunity to ambush anyone they might view as prey. Some things are just not meant for everyone to know about whether it is professional or personal.

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