How to Avoid Temptation While in College?

Most incoming freshmen at various universities across the United States and the globe will come across many tempting activities to participate during their fall and spring semesters. Many college students have easy access to party, drink, do drugs, have sexual encounters, and other raunchy activities to participate in on campus. It can be very difficult for a recent high school graduate to find a way to maintain control during the freshman year because being away from home at a prestigious university gives them the chance to do whatever they want without any parental supervision around. Freshman year of college sets the tone of how your college experience can end up being for the next four years. There are people who had a wholesome lifestyle before arriving to college and after spending a few months on campus they have changed into a person that they thought they never would become.

On every college campus there will always be some type of activity that will test individual’s spiritual beliefs and influence them to believe that their life is boring because they are not living and acting in a reckless manner. Getting intoxicated at a party and then having to go to class the next day should not be a goal that students feel as though it is an essential part of being in college. College is filled with various horror stories where some students have placed themselves in a life or death situation. It is very important that college students start their first year of college on a positive note because if not it can be difficult and challenging to find a way to chance your negative habits you have picked up from being around the wrong crowd.

There are various organizations on college campus that motivates students to party and drink as much as they can. The purpose of college is for individuals to obtain a college degree so that they can be successful in the career field of their choice. College is not meant for individuals to waste their life away by being around the wrong group of people, choosing to skip class, and finding raunchy activity that a lot of students consider more exhilarating than studying for upcoming exams. It especially can even be more distracting if you have roommates who do not respect your need to have peace and quiet. Some people who have roommates have to deal with parties that could get them get kick out of their dorms or apartment.

Being around people who come from a lifestyle you are not accustomed to can be an eye-opener that if you are not careful you can start the mimic the bad behavior of individuals you are constantly allowing yourself to be around. It seems as if the later it gets on a college campus; the more outrageous things tend to happen. At night, it can be very dangerous for any student to walk around campus because there could be criminals waiting to commit criminal activity against anyone who they view as weak or a threat to them. College should be the time where individuals should find what the purpose is in life instead spending their days partying and drinking.

Four years of college will go by swiftly and students who choose to not pay attention in class can suffer from going into the real world and not taking life seriously. College may seem as if it is one big party, but it really is not. There are many programs available to students who have an interest participating in activities that is productive as well adventurous and motivating. A great way to avoid temptation while in college is to get involved on campus. Do not sit in your dorm room all day doing nothing. Join a student organization where you can meet with a group of students where you have a common interest in during a certain activity such as singing, traveling, going to church, sports, fashion, and etc. There are so many Christian organizations available to students to join on campus. If your university has no Christian organizations available, start your own club and inspire others to not have a follower mentality and live a lifestyle that would be pleasing to God.

College is not the place for people to waste their life away because they would rather spend their time partying than attending their classes. College is too expensive for students to just waste four years of their life not sure what they would like to do after they graduate. You are not going to be young forever and you will get older and realize that all the things you did when you were younger you could have avoided if you made better choices. You can either go to college and use the proper resources that can help you be successful in life or you can go to college and allow the wrong group of people to influence you to make bad decisions, the choice is yours.


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