Are Beauty Pageants Manipulating Women To Believe that Physical Appearance is More Important Than Being Intelligent?

Each year major television programs host beauty pageants for women across the globe to participate in various competitions where they will be judged based off their physical attributes, ability to have a formal discussion about matters occurring in our society, and showcasing their hidden talents to the audience. Beauty pageants are teaching young and old women that physical appearance is a more important feature to have than the ability to be intelligent. It is not common for many of the contestants to be educated as well as beautiful, but why does society manipulate the public to believe that a woman has to showcase her body to the world to win an award.

Intelligence, in my opinion is the best feature that anyone can have because your physical appearance can fade away, but having the capability to be knowledgeable about various issues and subjects makes an individual be viewed as a well-rounded person than someone who is just focus on looking good for the cameras. I believe being physically attractive does not necessarily make you better than others, but society should not place women on a platform where their looks are being analyzed to verify who is the most attractive woman within the competition.

I tend to forgo looking at beauty pageants on television because beauty should not be based on outer appearance, but how you treat others. It may feel like a confidence booster for a woman to get compliments on being very beautiful, however you cannot base everything on looks and just write a person off who is attractive as being less likely to hurt other people’s feelings or treat them as if they are porcelain dolls, they need to be cared for in a gentle manner because they are too fragile.

I never participated in a beauty pageant and never felt the need to because my mother always taught me that being beautiful does not necessarily make you better than anyone else and you should treat others with respect. Why does there have to be a competition where women have to spend thousands of dollars making sure they have the best wardrobe and makeup team to make them look beautiful. Beauty queens are misconceived to have their life in order, very punctual and organized, sophisticated, classy, and a humanitarian. What if there was a beauty queen who had all of those attributes, but at the same time was suffering with depression, had an eating disorder, or even suffered from having suicidal thoughts. Many people would view this type of beauty queen as a train-wreck who needed to get her life together, which is very hypocritical because they are not perfect and should be looked as though they cannot have any issues occurring in their personal life.

It’s very strange to me how society puts so much emphasis on beauty pageants and the contestants competing in them, but they do not really take the time to show the true essence of the individuals who are participating in these competitions. There could be young women who would like to participate in a beauty pageant, but might feel incapable of being one due to society putting so much pressure on women to look and act a certain way. In my opinion, every woman is a beauty queen. You do not have to be given a crown, a bouquet of flowers, and a bedazzled sash. God made you in his image, which means you were wonderfully made.

You may not fit the mode of what beauty is to society, however you are beautiful to God, the one who created you. You can be very attractive, but lack the ability to hold a decent conversation with someone.  People always tend to mistake being physically attractive as being a component that makes you superior to others. Getting recognition or accolades for being very attractive is not an accomplishment.

I know that my inner beauty will outshine any superficial thing that most people will try to compare you to.  Beauty pageants are just false sense of reality. Something very beautiful can be broken on the inside. I do not know how many articles I’ve read of past beauty pageants contests suffering from some type of eating disorder, being depressed, or being pressured to be something they really are not.

Beauty pageants are just another way for women to be scrutinized and to be judged based of their physical appearance. Being physically attractive does not make you less likely to not go through challenges in life, in might cause some people to take drastic measures or to feel insecure about themselves because maybe they were put on a platform from an early age to care more about what others thought of them than themselves.

I cannot even imagine to have a platform all others cared about is my physical appearance rather than my views on life. I do not understand how beauty pageants have a swimsuit segment where contestants are showing their physically attributes off to the judges and the public. In another segment contests are given a series of questions to answer, but how can you really now how smart contestants are if majority of the contests is spent watching them walk in swimsuits and various other costumes.

Most people will talk negatively about a contestant if they commented on an issue in the question segment that they did not agree with. I’m sure that most of the contestants that are selected as the winners would not win if the show was center mostly on measuring the intelligence level of each competitor than looking at their physical attributes. Beauty pageants just do not seem authentic to me and makes contestants look as if they are fake, which many are far from that.



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