What Are the Advantages of Joining a Small Group Within Church?

Within various churches across the United States and other countries there are organizations that church members can join to fellowship with others and to build a stronger relationship with God. Many churches have taken notice to the fact that the majority of their church family enjoys interacting with one another and that it is essential to have small groups in place so that individuals with certain spiritual gifts can connect with someone else who might be going through or have went through similar situations as them. It can be a little intimidating if you attend a church where there are thousands of members because there is usually may be hundreds of small groups to choose from. A small group involves individuals that will meet at a location to have bible study or participate in an activity that everyone will be able open up and share how God has transformed their life for the better.

A small group can be an opportunity for someone to make friends with others and their common interest can be that they have similar spiritual beliefs and are passionate about serving God. I think every member who is a part of a Christian church should take the time out to decipher what type of small group would be beneficial in helping them build a relationship with God. There are small groups where individuals can exercise, journal, go out to restaurants, and even travel. I have had the opportunity to be in a small group with other college women and it was very motivating and inspiring to see females close to my age have a love for God and not be ashamed to share the gospel with others.

I believe that small groups are a way for young and old people to come together and express their love for Jesus Christ. I really did not grow up around a lot of millennials who were passionate about serving God and trying to live out his principles. I have always been around people close to same age as me who spoke out at times that they wanted to serve God, but their action was saying otherwise. In some ways I became ashamed on my faith and discarded myself from attending church and mentioning God when I came into contact with certain people.

For you to be able grow as a Christian you have to surround yourself around individuals who are all about setting positive examples not only for themselves, but others they have the privilege to come in contact with. If you attend a church and you feel as though your church is lacking having enough small groups, consider creating your own and trying to help a certain group of people get closer to God. I never knew what a small group was until I went off to college because I attended churches where they were very old-fashioned and tried to stick to doing things in a traditional manner.

I believe the reason why many people are afraid to attend church is because it may come off as a little intimidating for them especially if it is a megachurch. Small groups allow the chance for individuals interested in joining a particular church or are new members to get to know people who are members of their church. Church should feel like home and not feel as though you are in a building just wasting away space.

Within a small group you can be able to express yourself and tell your story to someone else in the group who might be struggling in with their walk with God. It is so funny how you can assume that you will have nothing in common with people who attend church on a regular basis, but you would be surprised how many people that you go to church with have gone through the same tests and trials as you. Maybe one day I will have the courage to start my own small group and to encourage women and even men to not be afraid to be different because God has a plan for your life and it is up to you to seek to follow his word. There are so many small groups to choose from you can even have a virtual group with people all across the world if you would like.

Small groups do not necessarily have to be in a church setting but can be anywhere no matter if you never get to meet the people in your group face to face as long as you able to help each other with your spiritual walk that is all that matters.





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