Does Academic Grades and Grade Point Averages Determine if an Individual Is Intelligent and Is More Prone to Succeed in Life?

The education system tends to measure a student’s intelligence level by their academic grades and their overall grade point average. Many people tend to make stereotypes that if a person has a high G.P.A and makes mostly A’s or B’s then they are more prone to be successful in life because they have good study and comprehension skills. Every student should not be viewed in the same manner because each individual has their own set of weaknesses and strengths. There might be a student who excel in the subject of math but is having difficulty in classes pertaining science. It can be very intimidating for students who tend to make mediocre grades to be in the same class setting as someone who has no trouble whatsoever with their assignments. I think whether or student is the smartest in their class or not does not mean they are excluded from ever being successful in life.

Students who come from a household where their parents always pressured them to make good grades in school may not always live up to the pedestal others have placed them on. It can be very nerve-wrecking and stressful for an individual to feel as though if they do not excel academically then they are a failure and will never accomplish anything. It is never a good idea to put certain students on a higher pedestal than others because the minute the “genius” in the class makes a mistake everyone will have so many negative comments to make that it can push the individual to not even take the time or effort anymore to complete certain tasks. No matter if a student is labeled as being illiterate, slow, mentally-challenged, have a low attention span, or etc. they can still be successful no matter what anyone says.

Most teachers do not always remember students who academically excelled in their class because the majority of the time they are too focus and worried about the students who come to class and literally do nothing during the entire class period. I believe the reason why many students who are labeled as not smart do not make any attempts to increase the G.P.A because maybe someone has told them that they would never amount to being anything and will never be smart. Teachers can be very bias and tend to show favoritism towards the students that complete all of their assignments on time and have no academic performance issues. Teachers should give each and every student that they have the opportunity to educate the chance to redeem themselves and to not automatically assume that a group of their students will fail because maybe they are not paying attention as much in class.

There could be a crisis occurring in a student’s life and sometimes school is not really a big distraction for them to be able to focus on something else. Some educators are too busy trying to stereotype students that they do not realize that they are being negative and not really trying to figure out a way to help their student succeed in the classroom. The education system really has high expectations for students, however each student has their own learning pattern that is diverse from their peers. All students will not be able to interpret their academic lessons the same way as their classmates. What makes each student unique is that they all have their own story to tell and the education system needs to be more understanding and open to the fact that student’s academic performance should not be analyzed in the same manner as anyone else.

It is not right that some students are wrote off as being dumb when in fact they might be very intelligent, but in the perspective of the school they attend and their school board the student might not be the academic criteria. Teachers could be educating a genius but most would not know it because are too busy catering to students who have a high academic performance level. Academic grades and grade point averages should not be only way that will show if an individual will be successful later on in life. You do not always have to have a high G.P.A, graduate valedictorian or sum cum laude to be successful. You can have various academic accolades, but it does not mean you will be more successful than anyone  else in this world.





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