Why Is It a Bad Idea to Share Your Dreams and Aspirations with Everyone You Know?

Every individual has their own set of goals and aspirations they would like to achieve in the near future and one of the most common mistakes people can make when deciding what endeavors to pursue in their life is by sharing their future plans with the wrong people or just wanting everyone to know what they would like to do in a particular area in their life. Sometimes telling everyone what you would like to pursue in the future can cause many people to be very critical and even jealous of you wanting to making changes in life due to them maybe not be able make the same moves that you are planning to do or they just do not know how to keep their negative comments to themselves.

There have been plenty of times where I told too much of my future plans to friends and family members and instead of getting the support I thought I would get with my loved-ones, instead I received negative remarks about what I should and should not pursue in the near future. We can be so excited about wanting to finally prep for the next season in our life and then comes a group of dream-killers who feel as though you are moving too fast or just not mentally or emotionally ready to deal with certain endeavors in life because maybe in their opinion your life is not all in order for you to accomplish your long-awaited goals. There could be so many creative and innovative ideas racing through your head and you just want to talk to someone about the goals you feel as though God is leading you to accomplish in the near future.

It really is not meant for everyone to see the vision that God has for your life, it is for your eyes only and should be hidden from everyone else until maybe it is needed for others to know what you are doing. I do not know how many people who have gone through a time in their life where they wanted so badly to achieve a certain goal and told their loved-ones about their decision and allow their loved-ones negative comments  to push them to put their dreams on the back-burner all because the majority of the people they know did not like the goals they had set for themselves to accomplish one day. The majority of the time it is best to not tell others of your aspirations and dreams because some people are just too judgmental and have to literally critic everything someone else does all of the time. It can be so draining to be around people who do not support your aspirations or dreams, but are the same people who will act as though they were supportive towards you when you goal is achieved and makes you more successful in an area in your life.

It is important to have the right people in your life because the wrong people will always try to make you feel as though the goals you are setting for yourself to achieve are too high for you to reach. If God has a plan for your life nothing in this world is never too hard to reach. The devil is using people you may know to act as his minions to influence you to not start your own business, go to school, get married, have children, start a non-profit organization, or whatever endeavor you are truly passionate about doing some day. It really is sad that you cannot even share your aspirations and dreams with certain people, but that is just how it has to be because there are individuals who just cannot deal with the fact that you have to complete new assignments as time progresses and not keep doing the same things over and over again.

Don’t be so quick to tell everyone you know about what you would like to pursue in life because there are going to be quite a few naysayers who are going to do all they can to talk you out of doing whatever God has placed over your heart to do. If you have a dream or a goal that you are passionate about you do not need to seek counsel from others about what you need to accomplish within your life, but with God. Don’t allow the negativity surrounded around what others have to say about your life stop you from stepping out on faith and seeking greatness. When you do not tell anyone about the goals you plan to achieve you decrease the chance of having to deal with people telling you what you need to do with your life and you can truly have clarity and not have to worry about what individuals are really are supportive of your dreams.

Your true supporters will be there for you no matter what and sometimes you do not even have to tell them about your aspirations they just will always find a way to encourage you even when they do not know what is all going on in your life. Not everyone wants to see you succeed because they might be jealous of you or just want you to be as miserable as them. Your dreams and goals are yours to keep and you should not allow anyone to tell you what you need to do with your life. If God is placing an assignment on your heart to complete be obedient and do it. The longer you wait to achieve certain goals you may not have the same drive and motivation to achieve your dreams.


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