How to Avoid Getting Senioritis During Your Last Year of College

This upcoming school term, many college students will be graduating in the fall and next spring and it can be very easy to eventually stop going to class as you did during your previous years in college and choosing to not turn assignments in due to having senioritis, which is considered to be a condition that most high school or college students get during their last year of school. It may seem like that you are very close to the finish-line and you make the decision to slack off in class due to just getting tired of attending classes on a regular basis. I am graduating in a couple of months and I know for a fact that I cannot make myself get lazy with my academics because I would like to graduate with a high G.P.A as well as keep pushing myself to accomplish as many goals as I can before I am done with completing my last full year in college.

If you feel as though you are going to be prone to not pay attention in class or just feel as though doing homework is a waste of time it would be best to forgo thinking that getting senioritis will allow you the opportunity to do whatever you want to during your last two semesters in college. There have been plenty of students who thought that they could wait to their very last semesters in college to just avoid completing their school assignments because they grew tired of coming to class every single day or are too tired. It would be so disappointing to be almost done with college and find out you cannot graduate because you chose to preoccupy your time participating in matters that were not helping increase your grades in your classes.

College is nowhere near as similar to high school so if would be wise to not think you can just do the same things you did your senior year of high school in college. Most high school students are able to get away with having senioritis because the workload they have might not even be as rigorous and challenging as some college students have. High school students have time to participate in senior pranks and really do not have a care in the world because most them are just ready to get out of secondary school and go to college and start their new life as a young adult. College students who are graduating have to worry about finding a good job in their career field they have majored in for the past four years and set up a payment plan to start paying of their student loans. It really is amazing how the worries you had at 17 or 18 years old can transform to something else by the time you reach your early 20’s.

I am very excited about graduating in May 2018, but at the same time I know that I have to keep working diligently so that I can reach my goal of finishing up college academically strong. Also, one way to that people can get senioritis is the people they are around. If you are around people who barely go to class and do not really take going to college seriously then you might eventually start to mimic your friends’ negative behavior towards school as well. Try to surround yourself around people who are going to hold you accountable for the actions you choose to make and not just sit back and allow you to just quit when things are getting too stressful to handle within your classes.

There are a variety of academic advisors you can talk to in college if you need help trying to figure out what you need to do to graduate in a few months. It is always good to have an established relationship with your advisor from freshman to year of college so if you ever have any problems you can easily go to their office or email them about your concerns. Do not just allow yourself to be surrounded around negativity. The finish-line is just around the corner, but you have to keep going to class, turning in your assignments, and passing tests so you can have the chance to walk across that stage in the fall or springtime.

Sometimes I won’t to give up too, but I know that giving up will not solve anything and will just make me have regrets later on. School can be very hectic especially if you have a job, a family, bills you have to pay, etc. Don’t allow your personal stress to transfer over to your academics because then you will easily slip into getting senioritis. From August to the month you are expected to graduate push yourself mentally and emotionally to accomplish as many goals as you can and make a commitment to yourself to not be fearful, but courageous and confident. Pray as much you can and always keep God in the center of your life. College is one chapter in your life, not the entire book. Your time in college will eventually come to an end and would you like to end your time in college on a good note or a bad one that could have been avoided if you pushed yourself a little harder academically, mentally and emotionally.

Hope anyone in their last year of college has a great semester and congratulations on getting this far and close to obtaining your degree and pursuing a career that you will be a service to others.

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