How Becoming a Vegetarian Has Changed My Life for The Better

Almost three months ago, I felt a conviction over my heart to stop eating meat due to not wanting to have health problems later on in life. For most of my life, I have consumed meat and thought that it was perfectly normally to eat every meal with some type of meat product in it. After I would get through eating a meal my stomach would get inflamed, I would suffer with constant headaches, bloating, and have a low amount of energy. I was growing tired with how I was living my life as a meat-eater, so I made the decision to become a vegetarian by going cold turkey, which was a very difficult task to do.

Many people really do not understand what being a vegetarian is and I really was not knowledgeable myself about it either until I made the decision to become one.  Before I made the commitment to become a vegetarian, I would regularly watch YouTube videos about being a Vegetarian/Vegan and felt that I would never make that choice to give up meat because I loved it too much. Funny thing about life, is that it is never a good thing to say what you are not going to do because you may end up doing the very thing you picture as something you considered to be self-torture. I became a vegetarian in June 2017 and my life has changed so much by just giving up meat.

It can be a challenge at times being that most individuals I encounter do not really understand my decision to become a vegetarian. I am not the vegetarian who is going to talk negatively about someone who wants to eat meat because it is a personal choice and individuals have to decide what their eating habits are going to be. I did not realize how much meat I consumed on a daily basis and how much energy I was lacking because of it. I would get so tired easily and would want to fall asleep because I just was not energized enough during the day. Since becoming a vegetarian, I have no more headaches or get constipated, or get the food baby after I eat a big meal.

I am still learning each and every day on what type of fruits and vegetables I can eat and what I feel is satisfying to my appetite. My taste buds have changed so much that I crave vegetables, fruits, and even potatoes more than I did as a meat-eater. I literally eat potatoes almost every week, which is bad because it is a starch and eating too much anything can be a problem and cause you to have a food allergy. I am not going to make it seem as though transitioning to a vegetarian is easiest thing I have ever done because it is not, it is pretty much the opposite. Being a vegetarian is a much harder battle than most people think it is and I have to constantly make myself not feel pressured to not eat meat due to so many people I am constantly around eating it. It can be harder to be a vegetarian if you did not grow up in a home where you were taught to just eat vegetables and fruits. I grew up eating meat during every meal and on special occasions such as family events and holidays.

Being a vegetarian is much easier said than done. Basically its mind over matter, if you want to be technical. When making the decision to become a vegetarian or vegan it is best to consult with a doctor, which is something I chose not to do for my own personal reasons. I think being a vegan is even extra harder because then you would have to give up eating all dairy products, which I do not see myself doing since I love ice-cream, and cheese pizza. Not all vegetarians eat veggies and fruits all day because sometimes you may not even want to eat it every single day. I love eating grilled cheese and pasta, but that just something I like to eat.

Every vegan or vegetarian has their own favorite food they like to consume on a daily basis no matter if it is healthy or considered to be junk food. I am still considered to be a baby vegetarian and have a long way to go before I have mastered this new lifestyle.  I am not trying to push anyone to become a vegetarian because it has to be a conviction over your heart to want to give up doing certain things in your life anymore. It can be very hard when I go out and can’t really find vegetarian and vegan options at restaurants, but I just motivate myself even more to not give up and to find different alternatives or just try to eat at home more. Being a vegetarian should be a choice and a new opportunity to find a different way to eat meals you enjoy, just without meat.

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