Should Individuals Continue Working in A Career Field They Have No Passion for and Despise?

In this day and age, it is very common for many individuals to seek employment in career fields where they know they will not enjoy doing their daily job objectives or dealing with the stress or drama that comes with working for a certain company. There are individuals who have a job and do not enjoy working at their place of employment due to them maybe having no desire or passion to be a part of a particular job field. There are people who settle with just having a job that helps pays their bills instead of striving to have a career where they will be happy and find joy in their job responsibilities. I have been constantly tested on many occasions where I was at a particular company and felt as though God was showing me that I was not supposed to be here. I was so caught up with having money in pockets that I was making myself unhappy in the long-run due to me trying to satisfy my flesh instead of going down the path I need to go to get to my purpose in life.

You can have a college degree and still feel as though you are not in the right career path. If your spiritual talents do not align with the job position you have at the moment, then maybe you are not in the right job field. I believe many people are afraid to take a risk of getting into a career they know they love because they are probably constantly doubting themselves that they will not be successful. Success does not correlate to having a bank account full of money and being able to buy anything without looking at the price tag. Success is about truly being happy in all aspects of your life, and not entirely on what type of job that you have. Why do so many people dread going to work each and every day because they do not like their job and really just put up with it because it allows them to be financial savvy, however it is making them depressed at the same time.

I would rather want to have a career that I truly love than a job that I despise on all degrees and really cannot deal with my daily job responsibilities without complaining or just feeling no energy to put any effort to making a difference. For example, there could be someone who is working in retail and has a college degree, but is settling because maybe they are getting frustrated with waiting for the job of their dreams. I understand that you have to have a job to be able to pay for your utilities, but you have to find work enjoyable and should not just work to pay bills. I want a career where I can make a difference in someone’s life and start a movement for individuals to be empowered and inspired. If I have a job where I feel as though my spiritual talents cannot be used than what is the use for me to be in this career field.

Money is not everything and tends to lead people to make irrational decisions because they are basing things on what they want, instead of what they need. I want to have a job where I just get energized by just doing simple job tasks and do not get frustrated when stress or drama comes my way. I have worked at places and knew that I was not supposed to be there, but I felt that if I waited too long that my dream job might be gone. I am still learning each and every day that you have to make a choice to live or to survive. I do not want a job where I am just surviving, which means I am just getting by with the minimum. I want to enjoy what I do and not be ashamed to tell others about my job.

Everyone has experienced a bad set of jobs where it seemed as though it was too good to be true and everything was not going in the way you expected it to. Individuals are getting discouraged from chasing after their dreams is because they are listening too much of the feedback of others and just need to take action no matter if no one agrees with the career you choose. Money will not make you happy, it may buy you nice things and take you to places you never imagine yourself to be, but if you feel as though your purpose is not in the career field you are in, then why waste your time getting up every single day preparing to go to job that you really do not want to be at.

There are plenty of doctors, lawyers, entertainers, and etc. who changed their career paths because they were no longer seeking enjoyment in their job position anymore. Maybe at one point they enjoyed having a certain job position, but time changes people and allows them to see what other gifts they can use. Don’t settle for a career that you know you will not enjoy. Reach for the stars, whatever career you want to get in, do it. Life is too short for all the what-ifs. You should be passionate and happy with the job you choose because if you don’t there is no need of being in that career field. It takes time to understand what you need to do with your life. I know life can get chaotic at times and having a job that you do not like makes it even worse. There is nothing wrong with changing your career goals just take the time out to figure out what job field you think you will excel in and not have a problem with completing certain tasks.

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