Does Waiting on God Mean to Take Action Within Your Life Or Wait for an Opportunity to Fall Out of the Sky?

Many Christians are taught that being patient is the key to having a meaningful life and to allow God the opportunity to place you in situations that will be beneficial to you in the long run. Spiritual leaders and pastors all across the world tell believers to wait on God, but what does this phrase actually mean. Some individuals are confused by the waiting on God phrase because they really do not understand what they should do within their life and how they should figure out what direction they need to take to be aligned with to get to their purpose. In my opinion, waiting on God means to take action in your life and to not wait for a miracle to fall out the sky before you decide that this might be the right time for me to figure out what my purpose is.

It takes time to understand what waiting on God actually means because if you are not spiritually mature and taking time to know God more, you will have no clue what God is referring to when he tells you to wait on him. For instance, many people believe that they should get into a romantic relationship to waste time before the right person comes into their life. It is never a good idea to think that getting into a relationship is the way to solve your problems in life. Most relationships in society today are based on infatuation instead of true love. God does not want any of us to waste our time on someone who is not husband or wife material. God encourages us all to be in a season of singleness and to enjoy living life not focus on the what-ifs.

Another example of people thinking that waiting on God is utilize the most in is figuring out what type of work-field they are supposed to be in. So many people feel as though they already know what they want to do with their lives, but get to a point in their life where they are no longer happy pursuing the career they had dreams of being a part of since they were a child. Our aspirations and goals and constantly changing because maybe God is trying to get you to see that you have more spiritual talents than you think you bestow. Don’t put limitations on yourself to work in one career field for the rest of your life because God can call you to do something us, which could be your purpose.

It may seem like the natural thing to do in life is to do what everyone else is doing such as going off to college, get a job, or even join the military. Those are all good goals to achieve at accomplishing, however if it is not in your destiny to complete any of those things do not force yourself to be a part of an endeavor that you will not find joy in and you will eventually see as a waste of time. Even if you are seeking a college degree, who is to say that you will even use your degree. I am still trying to figure out what I am called to do in life and I am in my last year of college. We can get so overwhelmed at times because we are looking at other individuals’s lives and thinking that we are supposed to have exactly the same things the person we are idolizing has.

What God has for you, will be for you and no one else. You have to believe that God is a miracle-worker and it may seem like you have no clear direction to go in life, but keep having faith because one day you will realize you were on the right track after all you just had to open your eyes and see for yourself.

Most of us are walking through life blindfolded and have no idea where we are going because we feel as though we have to accomplish all of these endeavors that we think will be beneficial in our life, but it really is make us more questionable of God and to not call on him when we need help. Waiting on God is about taking action in your life, however you need guidance as to where you need to go and what exactly you need to do get to that path you must take to get aligned with your purpose. A opportunity will not always fall out of the sky, God will give us the chance to be a part of an assignment that can help change our lives for the better, we just have to be able to decipher if we are willing to step out on faith or to keep wallowing in our fears, the choice is yours.

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