Does the Law of Attraction Influence People to Have a Positive Outlook on Life?

The Law of Attraction allows individuals to make the decision to attract certain situations and various types of people to come into their life based on their outlook on life. Many people may not be aware that the positive or negative energy that they are surrounding themselves around on a daily basis determines what type of situations they will be placed in and the people they will encounter. Having a positive outlook on life is more meaningful and beneficial than most people care to realize. The Law of Attraction affirms that if a person has a negative or positive mindset on life it will attract either good or bad people to come into their life based on the actions they choose to make.

There could be an individual who tends to spend their life being negative by being rude to others and always getting into altercations. This person has a problem with finding peace in their life and do not realize that they are surrounded mostly around negative energy due to them choosing to have a bad attitude and to not allow themselves to be cordial and respect to others they might come across from time to time. Opportunities could be given to a person if they just put more time into being positive and not be so caught up in being upset all of the time. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you believe in will either allow you to be in situations that will be beneficial or detrimental to your life.

I believe every human being has encounter a set of bad experiences that they might have not necessary tried to place themselves in, but still are surrounded by negative energy due to the activity they participate in. I remember during my freshman year of college, bad things were constantly happening to me and I could not understand why. I did not realize at the time that I was hanging around the wrong type of people which influenced me to have bad judgment and even participate in activity that was centered around negative energy. My freshman year of college was one of the most stressful and challenging years of my life and it was all due to the mindset had, which was very negative, the people I chose to hang around, and even the relationship I was in. As human beings we do not realize every decision that we make can cost us dearly somewhere in our lives and I had to suffer a little bit to understand that being negative will get you nowhere, but down a path of destruction.

After my freshman year of college, I made the decision to make changes in my life by removing the so-called friends I made during my first two semesters of college and even ended my romantic relationship with someone due to it becoming toxic and dysfunctional. I rededicated myself back to Jesus Christ and made the decision to be celibate. My life has drastically changed and I have seen tremendous improvements where I am not happy and have more opportunities coming my way due to having a positive outlook on life. It can be very difficult at times when we are facing a challenging obstacle to be negative, however the best option is to remain positive and believe that you will cross the finish line sooner than later.

You cannot expect good things to come into your life if you are always being negative and being rude and disrespectful to others. I do not believe in karma, but I do believe that God deals with individuals who are disobedient accordingly. I believe my spirituality has a lot to do with the happiness I have in my life right now because God is centered around positive energy and he influenced me to not give up on myself and to forgive myself of my own wrongdoing and to always see the good in every situation I am placed in. If you have a positive outlook on life you will attract positive individuals to come into your life as well as have more endeavors to participate in that could be life-changing. Having a negative outlook on life can leave you having people in your life who can be manipulative and do everything they can to bring you down. When you seek to be positive you will most likely be able to identify good and bad people instantly more so than someone who has negative energy centered around them.



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