Is The Evolution Theory Persuading People to Believe That God Does Not Exist?

The evolution theory was first introduced to the public by Charles Darwin, a famous biologist who wrote a book entitled On the Origins of Species in 1859. In Origins of Species, Darwin discusses how human beings possess some of the same physical and behavioral characteristics as apes. There has a been a great debate between scientists and religious leaders trying to figure out if man originated from an ape or God. In every science book there is a great deal of information about how scientists believe the world was created which is the Big Bang Theory where an explosion occurred 12 billion years ago that caused various planets to form as well as, stars, and galaxies.

I remember reading about the Big Bang Theory in school and how the Earth was created, but was really confused because I was brought up believing that God created everything from the plants to the soil that we walk on every day. I could not even believe that scientists were even saying that God was not real and made the bible seem as though it was a book of fables. Learning about the evolution theory in school made me realize that there are many individuals who might not believe in God and are trying to push their non-religious views on others who might considered themselves believers.

The evolution theory, in my opinion is basically telling individuals that God does not exist and that the world was created in an entirely different way than the Christian church explains it to be. I understand that scientists create a variety of theories that explains why certain aspects of our daily life occurs, but there is no way that I am going to just sit and listen to them basically say that my religious beliefs are wrong because they have no relationship with God and feel as though people should stop mentioning creationism. I do not see how society has allowed this debate between creationism and evolution to continue to go on because whether you believe in God or not is your business and individuals should not keep having the same conversation with individuals who feel as though they can pinpoint when the Earth was created.

Scientists can create these theories about when they believe the Earth was created, however mankind has no way to detect when our galaxy was formed because no one has that type of power to know for sure when organisms were created. The evolution theory tends to confuses people because there are many individuals who might have grown up in homes like myself, where Christianity explained how God created the Earth in the process of seven days, and man was created on the sixth day. I try to be respectful of other people’s opinions on religion, but I cannot make myself even believe that the evolution theory is true.

My faith in God is much more important than actually wasting my time reading about what one scientist introduced to the public as being wrong because maybe he may have had no relationship with God and just wanted to place his beliefs in a scientific perspective than personal. I have no idea what possessed Charles Darwin to write the Origins of Species, but I will not allow myself to believe that mankind originated from apes because I know that is not true because humans look nothing like apes whatsoever. I may not have a college degree in biology or be a famous scientist, but I do know that God created the Earth and I will continue to study the bible and to not question the authority of God all because there are a group of people who feel as though I am believing in a bunch of nonsense.

I think it is ridiculous that our society allows the evolution theory to be taught within the education system, but individuals cannot practice their religion while they are at school. I guess since the evolution theory is against religion our society feel as though it is acceptable for this topic to be discussed in schools because it is not referencing religion at all. People need to pay attention to how religion is always a problem, but living a life of immorality or sin is accepted.

When you are trying to live right and following the principles that is mentioned in the bible it is an issue, but scientists can disrespect Christianity and say that God is not real all because they tend to enjoy referring to scientific perspective than anything else. I know that God is real and do not need any scientists telling me that my beliefs are wrong as because they feel as though Christianity is based on perception instead of reality. Who is to say that everything that scientists give information about is true because most them make educated guesses, which means it has to be proven to be true which still does not mean the information they are giving out to the public is accurate.

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