Does the Millennial Generation Have Poor Standards When It Comes to Dating and Relationships?

The millennial generation is filled with individuals who was born during the 1980’s to 2000 and grew up around the time when media platforms and various technological devices were first introduced to the public. Many people have made complaints about millennials being lazy and having no standards whatsoever when it comes to dating and relationships. Times have changed and with the advancement of technology it seems as though romantic relationships are not as sacred as they used to be many years ago. There are quite a few millennials who have no idea what it takes to be in a serious relationship and feel as though they have no choice but to constantly get into meaningless relationships to waste time so they do not have to feel as alone.

There was a time where developing a serious relationship with someone required that a person talked over the phone with the person they were attracted to and went out of their way to make the person feel as though they are special. In our day and age, it seems as though texting is more acceptable to spending quality time with someone than actually taking them out on dates. Being that I am 21 years old and a millennial, I know that my generation is lacking a lot of leadership skills and are not really taking the initiative to do better than generations before us have done. I have so much respect for older generations of individuals because they took the time out to actually build relationships with others in the right way and not condone situationships or friends with benefits because the majority of them had standards when it came dating and did not waste their time on people they knew were not for them.

Most individuals who are in close in the same age range as myself enjoy getting on social media and texting constantly throughout the day. Millennials are so focus on what is going on within pop culture that they are not realizing that they are neglecting their own lives to be so caught in what is going on within social media. I even notice that when I go out in public that guys my age tend to be very intimidated by young women who are ambitious and do not have time to play any games. I am not saying that all guys that are in the same age range as me are immature, but some of them can come off as being overly confident, but really they are very insecure and really have no standards at all.

The millennial generation can correlate dating as to meeting someone out in public and exchanging numbers because the person is very attractive and look as though they are ready to be in a relationship with someone. A lot of individuals within my generation are very shallow and based everything around someone’s looks instead of getting to know a person and deciding if their flaws are not too much for you to handle. I think many millennials are afraid to get into a serious relationship with someone because they fear that being faithful to one person is probably boring and that most of their friends will not really be accepting to them being in love. Another issue that tends to be problem within the millennial generation is that everything regarding their relationships with their boyfriend or girlfriend has to be broadcasted on social media.

I am all about keeping my personal life private and do not really see the need of revealing who I am dating to the public. It is very common for millennials to always showcase who thy are dating as if they will get award for being in a relationship with someone or they take the best pictures on social media. I have literally seen young couples get into arguments about not putting each other on their timeline on social media. It really is ridiculous that instead of individuals taking dating seriously, they are taking it as a joke and having petty arguments on circumstances that should not even be a topic of discussion.

I would like to see more millennials have standards when it comes to dating and relationships because if you do not have a purpose as to why you need to get into a relationship with someone then it will most likely crash and burn because you are with the person for all of the wrong reasons. Millennials have the be willing to take accountability over the actions they choose to make and stop allowing the trends in pop culture to influence them to have qualities that makes them not fully ready to be in a serious relationship with someone.

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