Are People Overly Judging Artists Who Create Non-Chrisitian Music As Being Hypocrites If They Make the Choice to Sing Gospel Songs?

In our entertainment industry today its very common for Non-Christian artists who tend to make music that is considered to be secular because it is not referencing God anywhere in their songs to choose to have gospel songs somewhere on their album. Many fans of Non-Christians artists may not really care about the type of music that their favorite singer or rapper has on their album, but other individuals might take notice or even go on to say that some of these artists are being hypocrites because their album is filled with profanity or vulgar things and then has an inspirational or gospel song on their album. I try not to be so critical of the type of music artists choose to make because you never know what people are going through in their personal life.

I try to stay clear of listening to too much secular music because some of it can be very explicit and leave nothing to the imagination. I love listening to love songs, but anything else I tend to stay away from listening to. I think people tend to criticize celebrities because their life is being out on display for everyone to judge because their job involves them having a relationship with their fans and the media. No matter if a person is creating secular or Christian music does not necessary make them bad or good because you never know what they are doing behind closed doors. It would be very hard to talk badly about artists who make secular music as being hypocrites when a Christian artist could be living the same lifestyle as them.

Why do Non-Christian artists are always in some type of controversy in our society, but tend to leave Christian artists alone and they could be fans of secular music themselves and even make the decision to make music with someone who is not even in the same genre as them. It really is a shame of how critical people really can be of other people’s lives. I know that the Christian community has many individuals who tend to feel as though they are spokespersons for everyone who considered themselves as a Christian. Some so-called Christians tend to come off as being judgmental and want certain people to stay in the space where they first were recognized as being an artist. I enjoy listening to Non-Christian music that is clean as well as gospel music. It does not make me a bad person because I would like to listen to an artist who does not make gospel music. I think people really have to pick and choose their battles because some of them can really be avoided and do not even need attention to.

If an artist wants to make gospel or Non-Christian music who are we as human beings to judge them severely because of the choices, they would like to make in their life. People tend to place singers and rappers into a pedestal that if they try to change their persona or their lifestyle then they can possibly get backlash because everyone might not see their endeavors as a positive move. Who is to say that an artist who is creating Christian music is living right, you never know what people are experiencing in their life so it would not be a good idea to judge someone when you do not even know them in a way to tell if they living in a way that is favorable to God.

People will always make you believe that they act in certain way, but who is to say that the image that they are putting out to the public is even true. Society can be so cruel at times that it has a started controversy and double standards to occur because while there are some individuals will not be looked down for doing certain activities, others will. You cannot be a people-pleaser because there will always be a group of people who will never be satisfied. If you feel a personal conviction to not listen to Non-Christian music, don’t listen to it, but do not push your beliefs on others who might not see things in the same way as you do. You never can judge a book by its cover because there are secrets that you will never catch or pay attention to.

Music whether it is good or bad cannot be idolized. God made it known that we cannot allow worldly things to have power over lives. Music or anything else that has become of this world cannot be glorified because individuals will allow their emotions to be connected to it in a way where it seems as though they cannot function without it. If a artists wants to sing a gospel song and they are not known for making gospel music who is to say that the person is a hypocrite. Human beings tend to do a lot of name calling of one another, but there are individuals who do not want to analyze their own lives first. You cannot spend time worry about what others choose to do with their life, God will handle them and he does not need your help to do so.

Pop culture gets too many people riled up for the wrong reasons. I wish people would put the same energy they put in worry about celebrities and the trends that are currently hot in our society into their own life. Music will always be here and people have to decide for themselves what direction they would like to go with it. We are not living anyone else’s life so who are we judge an artist if they choose to create music we feel as though it is out of their line.

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