Is The Movie Industry Not Making Enough Christian Movies?

Within the movie industry there seems to be a level of hierarchy on what genres of movies will get the media exposure and will become very popular for many years to come. I have taken notice that there not enough Christian movies in the movie industry that is really attracting individuals to go to the movie theater and watch on a big screen. I feel as though that people are more interested in looking at movies that display characters who participate in activities that glorify immorality instead of viewing a movie on someone fighting to maintain their faith in God. The movie industry does not advertise Christian movies as much because most individuals would rather spend time watching a movie that is in the genre of action, romantic comedy, or horror.

I am not sure if there are even enough film directors in the entertainment industry who is willing to create films that represent how people can glorify God more and how to maintain their faith when it seems as though obstacles keep coming their way. I remember a few months ago; I was so excited about seeing the movie called The Shack because I knew that I was going to get a life lesson out of it that would motivate me to have a better relationship with God. Most of these movies that are created and released to the public are very secular and have no representations of God anywhere within the storyline. I try to stay clear from movies that are very graphic because I do not want to set myself up to think that it is acceptable to watch raunchy movies when I know it is not.

Christian movies in my opinion, have the best storyline than other genre because you are able to get a very authentic version of characters by them display real-life situations and how it can be difficult to maintain your spiritual relationship with God with trying to not get themselves in tempting situations. The majority of time when I watch non-Christian movies it seems as though the storyline is very cliché and not realistic at all. I understand that movies are just for entertainment purposes, but there are so many movies influencing people to do bad things that there is no way people can justify movies that manipulate people to act of character is acceptable.

Most people do not realize that the shows and movies that you watch on a regular basis tells what type of person you really are. The movie industry is making millions of dollars on non-Christian movies because they know that they can write crappy storylines and get a famous person who has a big fan base to get people to come watch the film. The movie industry does not care if the movies that they are creating are influencing people to do bad things because their only concern is making sure to make money. Not every person working in the movie industry is a part of films that promote people to act inappropriate and to participate in vulgar and raunchy activity.

Christian movies are usually independent films because there are not really a lot of film companies willing to spend a million dollars or more on a film that is about spirituality. It’s funny how people will spend money on a movie that promotes sex, violence, and drugs, but refuse to go see a movie that is based around positivity and is getting people to analyze their spiritual relationship with God. I guess it is not a big concern for the movie industry to create films based on Christianity because maybe there are individuals who are not Christians and do not really see the point of creating films about biblical characters or just ever day people who experienced God changing their life for the better.

There should not be just a select few Christian movies that just get media exposure because people may like the particular actor who is playing in it. I just do not understand how people can just feel as though Christian movies cannot be as entertaining as other genres of films. I guess the great thing about Christian movies is that no matter if it becomes very popular or not someone will get the message being conveyed and will change their life for the better. I literally got goosebumps when I saw The Shack because I now that the God works in mysterious ways and that when it seems as though he has forgotten about us, he always shows us that our relationship with him can be so meaningful if we choose to spend more time with him.

Maybe there will be more Christians movies in the future that get millions of people around the world excited to see. I am not trying to bash the movie industry, but I really get tired of seeing trailers of upcoming films from other genres and not see any Christians films coming up in theaters. My expectations might be high for Christian movies, but I just hope one day that Christian movies can be just as exciting and exhilarating as watching an action film.





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