Is Society Body Shaming Women to Persuade Them to Change Their Physical Appearance?

Body shaming has become the norm for media platforms to advertised commercials showing that women should inspire to be a certain size instead of being comfortable with their body image. Women are constantly being depicted on their body image and if they are certain size they should strive to take procedures to lose weight no matter if in the process of it some individuals start to feel insecure. I believe why there are so many women who suffer from low self-esteem, bulimia, anorexia, and other body image disorders is that they feel as though their appearance is not really being accepted by their peers and society. I have been around individuals who have literally told me that I am too skinny and need to gain some weight. People do not understand how hurtful it can be for someone to talk about your body weight as if your body is just so disgusting to them that they are constantly making sure you feel bad about yourself.

Women are taking drastic measures to change their physical appearances because they want to be accepted by society and not be cast as an outcast for not doing what everyone else wants them to do with their bodies. I think it is ridiculous that society feel as though they have the right to tell anyone what they should do to their body. I understand that doctors are giving people information regarding their health, but other individuals who are not working in the medical field or not a personal trainer or nutritionist you should not make comments on other people’s physical appearance. There are women who will spend thousands of dollars going to a plastic surgeon to alter their body or purposely starving themselves to lose weight.

The problem within our society is people are putting women on a pedestal to look as though we are figurines or dolls who are not supposed to have any imperfections anywhere on our bodies. It really is a shame that women are being put under so much scrutiny that it has become normal for the media and even men to even say negative remarks of the physical image of a woman. I am all about promoting self-love and if you do not truly love yourself you will most likely allow the negative comments people make to hold power over your life and you will start to feel insecure about yourself. I would like to see more women actually encourage one another to not change their physical appearance for the wrong reasons.

Every so often I hear about a woman dying from getting a botched plastic surgery from an illegitimate surgeon who did not have the credentials to even perform a surgical operation on any individual. Women should not allow society to make them feel as though their body image is a problem. I am all for women empowering themselves and they should not play into the negativity that the media is trying to get them to believe in. I refuse to live my life trying to be something I am not. I see women on the covers of magazines and do not get jealous of their body looking a certain way because I love my body and I am not going to change myself to look like someone else. Breast or butt implants, purposely starving yourself, physically harming yourself is only tools that the devil wants women to feel as though it is acceptable to participate in.

I would like all women reading this know that if no one ever tells you this that you are beautiful no matter how much you weigh. You do not need validation from society on physical appearance because there will always be a group of individuals who will always have something negative to say. There is a way to change your body in a healthy manner  that does not require to get surgery. Sometimes the change we need to make is within our emotional wellbeing than physical. If you are feeling very insecure about your body maybe you have been in situations where there may have been a person who made it their mission to always make negative comments about your body or maybe you just always felt out of place.

If you are having trouble with accepting your physical appearance, it would be good to talk with a professional so that you can understand what exactly making you feel as though your body is an issue. Whether or not you make the decision to change your body image make sure it is pushing you to become a better person instead making you feel as though you have to push yourself over the limit and become obsessed with changing your body to look exactly like another human being.



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