Can Revealing Your Relationship Status to the Public Cause Drama to Occur in Your Life?

In this modern day and age, it has become a trend for individuals to reveal their romantic relationship to the public by posting pictures of their significant other on their profile or creating post mentioning they are no longer single. It may seem as though people are turning romantic relationships into an opportunity to seek attention on social media because as long as a person has a boyfriend or girlfriend then they become a topic of discussion to people who know them on a personal level or who just follow them on various social media platforms. There was a time where relationships were sacred and that their dirty laundry was never aired out to the public.

With the advancements of technology there is no longer any privacy within a romantic relationship because everyone wants to know everything that is going on between two people who are together. Revealing your relationship status to the public may cause drama to occur in someone’s life because there are individuals who make it their mission to destroy the love connection a particular couple has because they may not like one or both individuals for their own personal reasons.

Another problem that is occurring with relationships in this day and age is that people are so eager to reveal who they are dating, but they are not giving themselves enough time to decide if this person will be in their life for a short or long period of time. People are getting so obsessed with wanting others into their personal life that they are not even realizing that they are given outsiders the option to critique their relationship without even knowing them well enough to figure out if they are compatible with the person they are dating. I used to believe that changing my relationship status from single to in a relationship would get people to leave me alone, but it seems as though you attract more attention when you start dating someone.

Not all individuals that you follow on social media is obsessed with knowing how your romantic relationship is going with your boyfriend or girlfriend because they do not have to time analyze other people’s lives. I am not saying that social media entirely is the reason why relationships are ending so abruptly, but people are allowing other people who should have no say so in their relationship to have the power to destroy their love connection with the individual they took the time to reveal to their peers on social networks. The less people know about your personal life the better because the more information you give people about who you are dating, then you are giving them the option to sabotage your relationship and instigate drama that can cause you to lose trust for the person you are dating.

Social media is filled with so many people revealing their relationships to the public, but just because people are uploading pictures of them and their significant other does not mean they are really happy and their relationship is drama-free. I try to not get so caught up in the idea of relationship statuses on social media because whether you state that you are single or in a relationship with someone why give strangers the opportunity to get into your personal business so they can make negative comments about your life choices as if they have the right to talk bad about you. There are people who enjoy breaking up relationships because they have nothing productive to do with their lives.

A couple does not have to allow temptation to ruin their relationship, but it has to take both individuals working together to make sure that if any drama occurs they can find a way to resolve the issue quickly and move on from the situation. Who wants to have to keep explaining their relationship status to individuals on social media when they shouldn’t even be concerned about who has a bae or not. To keep people out of your business it would be probably best to not reveal who you are in a relationship until you both feel as though it is getting serious and see yourself being with this person for the rest of your life. I am not going to reveal a guy and we have been only dating for a few months and do not see myself marrying him.

I used to get upset if the person I was in a relationship with did not post a picture of me and writing a caption about how much they were in love with me. I had to come to the realization that I was being childish because a mention on social media does not correlate to someone actually being in love with you and that the public does not need to know everything that is going on in your life. You do not know how many people are against you being happy until you get into a relationship and try to reveal who you are with on social media. People can be so cruel, but at the end of the day you can’t worry about what others say about your relationship. You do not have to mention your relationship status on social media because it really is no one’s business who you are dating. If you are going to reveal your romantic relationship to the public you need to be aware of the positive and negative things can occur.


    1. Thanks for reading my blog. I feel as though relationships should be private and everything should not be revealed to the public. Relationships are so much more than posting pics on social media

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