Can Christians Be Too Judgmental Towards Non-Believers?

Each and every day I come across Christians who I view on social media who might come off as being judgmental towards individuals who do not believe in God and live a certain lifestyle that is consider to be secular in their opinion. I am not going to lie and say that I have not judge someone who I did not know on a personal level. As Christians we should strive to bring people closer to God and not push them to never form a relationship with Jesus because there are believers who are too focus on what people are doing in their lives instead of focusing on themselves. I literally have taken a break from blogging because I felt as though some of the content I was writing was offending some of my readers and I do not want people to think that I am judging them based on the actions they choose to make. Many Christians can come off as being as though they are perfect and everyone else who is not a Christians are devil-worshippers and are going to hell.

There have been times in my life where it seemed as though I have gotten more negative comments from people who considered themselves to be Christians than anyone else. Who am I to judge someone if they are in an unequally yoked relationship with someone, considered themselves to be an atheist, or having sex before marriage. I am not innocent myself so it would be hypocritical for me to always discuss things other people do and not analyze the actions I have made in my own life. I understand that spiritual leaders are supposed to discuss negative aspects of our society, but it does not mean that they have to hurt other individual’s feelings in the process. There is always another way to convey a message without offending someone.

Pastors and spiritual leaders can point out that there are not enough people attending church, however they might not know the reason why some people choose to not go to church. There are people who enjoyed going to church during one point in their life, but made the decision to stop going after their church members were judging their lifestyle as if they are God and can put someone in heaven or hell. There are Christians who get upset when other people call them holy rollers, but have they ever took the time out to figure out why that named is given to certain people who consider themselves believers in Christ.

Being a holy-roller is basically someone who calls themselves a Christian, but in reality they are not one because they spend too much of their time trying to condemn others as if their life is so perfect and free of sin. My goal as a believer in Christ is to not be a holy-roller because there is nothing positive about being one. I do not want to turn someone away from accepting God into their life because I could not understand some of the actions they have made in their life. It is not for man to understand the choices other human beings make in their life. Humans have no authority to tell someone what they are doing is right or wrong. I feel as though if Christians would focus on fixing their own problems there would not be so much controversy between Christians and non-believers.

We all are considered to be sinners in God’s eyes and will fall short from his glory from time to time if we allow our emotions to influence us to make remarks that is not pleasing to our heavenly father. I have experienced some trials and tribulations that some Christians might not approve of, but who cares if no one approves of the decisions I have made in my life. My life experiences are a part of my testimony and can encourage someone else who might be going through the same thing I went through in one point in my life. Christians should love everyone and not be so quick to judge others they know nothing about.

No matter if a person is living their life in a negative manner who is to say that God cannot deliver them and to help them to become better individuals in the near future. God can turn any negative situation around for the better. God can see the light in all of us and just because it might be difficult for individuals to see a non-believer as being good, you do not know who God is using to complete his assignments. I love God so much and what type of person would I be if I continued to allow other Christians to make me feel as though I have to treat non-believers as if they are beneath me when they are not. We all are equal in God’s eyes so why is it so hard for some people to accept people for who they are and just focus on making sure their own life is in order.


  1. This speaks to my heart, as a non-believer. I just posted a blog you might find compliments this post.
    Something from the perspective of a non-believer. I know many Christians mean well, but are hurtful with their assumptions. Likewise, non-believers can spew hate about believers. We should all understand that each of us has a different story and has lead us on different paths.

    1. I think many believers can really push non-believers away from God. I consider to be a Christian my job is to not figure why someone does not believe in God. Many people are judgmental but get offense someone else comments on their skeletons. Thanks for reading my blog. I will check out your blog

  2. Id like to give some cautious honesty here, I come from the position as an ex christian. A lot of christians ignore or delete non christian comments these days, and then expect people to become christian? doesnt work like that. I have been a Buddhist and a Pagan since 2004 and I am not likely to change any time soon. Actions speak louder than words. Many christians believe that non christians arent good people because they reject Jesus. But from what i know of christianity, you cant blame them either. Instead of trying to force people to become christian, maybe sometime, ask why people arent. That is all.

    1. It’s never a good idea for anyone to force their religion or beliefs unto someone else. There are a lot of people who called themselves Christians but are very judgmental. I respect other people’s lifestyle no matter if it is the same or different from mine. I get judge by a lot of people for being a Christian and it would seem to be easy to tell them off but I try to ignore what others have to say. I can’t push Christianity on anyone. There are some good people out here who are non- Christians. Thank you for reading my blog. I hope I can have another discussion with you in the near future about my blog posts.

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