Do You Have to Attend Church on a Weekly Basis to Have a Spiritual Relationship with God?

Within the Christian community there are many individuals who believe that the only way that a person can have an effective spiritual relationship with God is to attend church on the weekly basis. Everyone who consider themselves to be a Christian might not want to attend church on a regular basis due to their own personal beliefs or circumstances that is occurring in their life. Whether you attend church every single Sunday, once a month, or even once a year establishing a spiritual relationship with God is the key to being successful in various areas in your life.

There was a time in my life where I dreaded going to church each and every Sunday because I really did not have a relationship with God and felt as though church was a chore instead of being a part of my lifestyle. I allowed the world to make me believe that attending church was not a big priority for me and that it is nothing wrong with making the choice to not go to church and to spend my Sundays doing something else to preoccupy my time. I did not realize when I was a child the importance of church was until I became a young adult and had to felt a set of chances that tested my faith in God.

During my childhood, my mother always made sure that my sister and I went to church whether we felt like going or not. Many believers feel as though that people who attend church every Sunday tend to be very judgmental and keeping track on what individuals choose to not attend church one particular Sunday. I cannot say for certain what each and every church member does during their spare time, but I do not waste my time trying to figure out why someone chose to not attend church, it really is none of my business to find out why. It does not mean that God will love you more or less if you choose to not attend church on a regular basis.

People should put more focus on making sure that their own relationship is intact before trying to observe how other choose to live their life. Over the years people who came up with this name of Christians who are judgmental and hypocritical, which they are called Holy-Rollers. Every church as their own set of Holy-Rollers who make it their mission to try to figure each members’ personal business. I think if people put more emphasis or going to church to hear the Word of God instead of worrying about if someone is going to judge them then it would not be such a major issue for them to figure out how many times during the month or year they would like to go to church.

It saddens me that instead of people discuss what the sermon at church was about, they choose to talk about what group of people missed church or what individual has finally come back from church due to a personal circumstance they have been going through. The congregation has no authority over a person’s decision if they choose to come to church more or less. Being a Christian is not about who comes to church the most and who does not come to church at all, but what you lesson learned from the sermon that was given by the pastor or a guest speaker. You never know what people might be going through and it is not fair to judge them based on their church attendance.

I know for me, it took me years before I was able to understand that going to church is not a church, but a part of my lifestyle of choosing to be a believer in Jesus Christ. Everyone has skeletons in their closet and are sinners so why do some people feel as though they have something to prove to church members regarding if they choose to attend church more frequently or every once in a while.


  1. Jesus made it clear, that once God sees what is done in secret – prayer and giving to the poor – God then loves you for your acts, and then Jesus and God’s Spirits come and make their home within you – That is the Church!

    1. I agree as long as a person has a relationship with God it does not matter how many times they attend church, God looks at our heart while man will look at superficial things that do not matter.

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