My Personal Conviction of Choosing to Stop Wearing Revealing Clothing

I grew up in a household where my mother made sure that my sister and I dressed and acted in a conservative manner. My mother raised me to always hold myself accountable for the actions I choose to make and to always act sophisticated and classy. I always thought my mother’s parenting skills was little on the old-fashioned side and at times I took the lessons my mother was trying to teach me for granted because I felt like what she was teaching was wrong and that dressing in a certain manner does not influence people to treat you a certain way, so I thought.  During my teenage years, I started to experiment more with clothes trying to see what type of clothing I could get away with wearing out in public. My parents were not really strict on my clothing choices, but made sure that I was not dressing as if I was a prostitute. Growing up I felt insecure about the way I dressed because I was never one of the girls who got complimented all of the time for the clothing I chose to wear. I dressed very cute, but not in the way where a lot of people stopped me and asked me for fashion tips.

When you do not have a stable relationship with God you will mostly likely fall under temptation more quickly than anyone else. Instead of going to God about my insecurity regarding my clothes, I took matters into my own hands and started wearing very revealing clothing such as crop tops showing off my stomach, mesh tops that were see-through, short dresses, short shorts, and other types of clothing. I desperately wanted to fit in with the friends I had made during my freshman year of college and felt that I needed to change certain aspects of myself to be accepted. I was not dressing as revealing before I went to college, but when I got into college my entire wardrobe changed for the worst. I saw other girls on campus walking around with little to nothing on and thought it was completely normal to dress provocatively. I did not realize that when you wear revealing clothing that guys will treat you with disrespect and will try pretty much anything to get you to have sex with them.

Even when I came home from breaks during my freshman year of college, my parents took immediate notice to my new change I made in my wardrobe and they were concerned that maybe I was putting too much focus on my social life instead of making sure I made good grades in my classes. It did not matter what my parents told me because I enjoyed what the revealing clothing brought me which was confidence, which struggled to get during my high school years. I am so glad that I have come a long way from acting inappropriately and wearing revealing clothing. God has definitely changed my mindset on every aspect of my life that I ignored beforehand.

As I got closer to God, I saw that I did not need to wear revealing clothing anymore because I do not have to get the attention from a certain guy because if he cannot accept me for who I am then he is not the right person. I was trying so hard to fit with others around me that I lost total focus in my spiritual relationship with God. From people I was hanging around to the daily activities I participated that hindered me from focusing in class prepared me to change and renew my relationship with God. I cannot even imagine ever going back to wearing revealing clothing anymore because I am just not in need of getting the wrong type of attention. I see so many women in our society today wearing revealing clothing and it just breaks my heart that some of them think that is the only way that someone will pay attention to them.

Most women who dress this way do not realize that no matter how many times you tell people you are classy, your wardrobe tells others about what type of person you are. Your clothes are one of the first things people pay attention to when they first meet you. Society has made it acceptable for women to go out in public with not too much clothing on. I can just scroll through Instagram and see different photos of women wearing revealing clothing. I use to think this type of attention on social media was normal, but it is kind of scary to have random people liking a photo of you and you have nothing on put a bra and some shorts on.

I am definitely more concerned about what type of clothing I am wearing than I have ever been before in my entire life because I want to make sure that I am honoring God and not revealing too much of myself to the world. There are some parts of your body that should not be seen by anyone but your husband and I cannot just treat myself as if I am a doormat and expect a man to treat me as if I am queen when I am clearly acting like I am something else. I had to come to realization that my revealing clothes had become my scapegoat to not think about my personal issues.

I got rid of all of my revealing clothes and it felt like a ton of weight had been lifted from my body because it had literally brought me down to a level that I should have never allowed myself to be own. I hope that one day more women can come to the realization they do not need to wear revealing clothing to get attention from others, especially men.


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