What Does Stepping Out on Faith Really Mean?

Stepping out of faith can be interpreted in a variety of ways because many people might view it as a way for an individual to fully trust God and to not question his authority over their life. It can be difficult at times to just allow God to be the driver of our life and we sit in the passenger seat because we may not be sure if we can give up wanting to be in control all of the time. There could be endless opportunities waiting on the horizon, but since you are afraid to face the unknown you will never know what blessings God is waiting to give you because you have not put all of your faith in him.

Many people will complain about God not helping them with a certain circumstance they are facing in their life and tend to ignore the signs God is trying to send them so they can get past an obstacle they are having a hard time getting through. Stepping out on faith could be a way for God to test you to see if you truly believe in him and to trust that he has your best interests at heart. It’s like climbing the highest peak of a waterfall and being afraid to jump into the water because you are afraid that you might get hurt in the process. Sometimes you have to take a chance on an opportunity because you never know if it will come around again in the near future.

Why sit and wallow in your fears when you can be living an abundant life. It is practically normal to be concerned about the unexpected but there is no need to keep ruling yourself out of being happy because you are being too cautious and believe you are being rational, when in reality you are setting yourself up to fail. There have been many situations where I have been in where I was unsure if I want to follow what God wanted me to do with my life because I felt if I went his way I would somehow fall in the process and he would be upset with me. God knows that you are not perfect so why worry yourself about making mistakes, you are a human being you are going to make mistakes whether or not you try not to.

It’s ironic how many individuals can act so confident when they are place in certain situations, but when it comes to their faith in God it is pretty much nonexistent. You cannot expect God to help you when you won’t even try to leap out on faith and to try things in a different way that you might not be used to. Your way is not going to lead you down the path of righteousness, but destruction if you allow your emotions to get the best of you. God has all of the answers so why not give him the chance to hold your hand and lead to where you need to be in your life. If God told you to cover your eyes and to walk as he was talking to you, would you do it? God is not going to let you fall. He is always working to help us get back up when it seems as though nothing in our life is going right.

You can succeed in various in your life if you just believe that God has the ability to do so. No man, woman, or spiritual leader has the power to tell you what path you need to go in life, that is God’s job. God is waiting for you to hold his hand so that he can show what you could have in your life if you continue to have faith in him and is working for your benefit. I do not think some people understand the amount of love God has for us, it is everlasting, unconditional, and fulfilling. You ever wonder how you were able to accomplish certain things in your life, that is because God gave you the opportunity and allowed you to choose what direction you wanted to go.

For God to be able to lead you to your destiny, you have to be willing to be submissive, which means do not be too eager to get upset if God places you in circumstance where you have to go through various obstacles to get to the finish line. Nothing in life worth having comes easy and definitely takes some trials and tribulations for you to understand why you needed to go through challenges to become a mature person. Stepping out on faith can only be difficult it you allow your fears to make you feel you are not ready to take the leap God is waiting for you to make.



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  1. Amen! Very well stated. I have learned that over the the most recent couple of years. You learn so much about your true relationship with God when you face a step of faith.. the honest relationship as opposed to the idea we want in our mind that we hope to have, but that leads us lying to ourselves. I love how well you worded a tough topic depending how it is presented. You addressed it well. Thanks!

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