Are People Afraid of Marriage Because They Do Not Want to Submit to Their Spouse?

Marriage is a serious commitment that many people might not be fully ready to pledge their love and honor their significant other for the rest of their life. Most people view marriage as slavery because they feel as though their freedom is taken away from them the minute after the pastor announces that they are husband and wife. Submission is one of the key factors why many individuals are afraid to get into a serious relationship that will lead to marriage because they are unsure if they are capable of allowing themselves to be vulnerable around their spouse or be submissive.

Marriage is misinterpreted by society as a lifestyle that involves various sacrifices that both individuals will end up being unhappy because they have to constantly give up their dreams to please their husband or wife. I believe there is so much negativity surrounded around marriage because there are not enough individuals who are mature enough to understand that being in love with someone should not be viewed as a problem, but an opportunity to share your life with someone else who can inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Submission should not only be performed by a wife, but a husband as well, but society has put so much emphasis on wives being submissive to their husbands that men do not have to put too much effort in being leaders in their household. I believe that there are specific roles that both a husband and a wife need to strive to be on a regular basis, however both individuals need to compromise with one another so that relationship can have a balance instead of it seeming as though one person is doing everything and the other person is doing nothing at all.

I think people who pass judgment on individuals who choose to get married are probably secretly wanting to be in a relationship that leads to marriage, but are not ready to change themselves because they are too caught up in the wickedness that this world has to offer. Marriage should be a team effort instead of being viewed as a setback or a person losing their independence. If people understood the definition of submission, then maybe they would not be so quick to make assumptions on marriage. Submission is interpreted in different ways because wives and husband have separate roles they must strive to achieve on a regular basis. I think it is unfair that society has made marriage look as though a man has the authority of his wife and she has no right to voice her concerns with her husband.

In many cultures and religious communities, it is acceptable for women to not have a voice in their marriage and to stand behind their husband and should perform everything that he demands for her to complete. In the Christian community, a wife’s role in a marriage is just as important as her husband because she encourages and motivates her husband to not falter in his faith in God. The wife is suppose to stand beside her husband not behind him because she is a leader within her household just like her spouse. I really do not like gender roles because it influences people to believe that men and women are limited to do certain things in a marriage because it may not be proper etiquette for a man or woman to perform duties that society believes their spouse is supposed to do.

A god-fearing marriage will always be viewed as an issue in our society because it is not popular for man and woman to honor God and each other by committing to one another to remain faithful and to encourage their spouse to follow their dreams. There are many people who do not live a secular lifestyle and choose to honor God by not participating in worldly activity that can cost them to lose certain things in their life. Society wants believers to think that honoring God will only lead them to heartbreak, but in reality, God is our key to having an everlasting life. Submission is only viewed a being negative from individuals who are not spiritually mature and having an actual relationship with God.

There is no way that a marriage can last if there is no submission, both individuals have to being willing to compromise to help make their relationship better in the process. Getting married should not be looked as a burden, but an opportunity to build a legacy with someone else

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